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Brilliant Dissertation eBook

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Pearson United Kingdom
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About the book: An accessible guide to the most important academic writing skills a student needs to write successful undergraduate dissertations and project reports on any HE course. This book will give the reader a sound grounding on what the whole business of dissertation and report writing is about, and will provide instantaneous, easily accessible answers to specific questions on all of the most important areas of planning, researching, writing, revising and referencing a successful dissertation or report.

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Table of contents
  • Introduction: Do as we say not as we do
  • Part 1: Getting ready
  • Chapter 1: The challenges
  • Chapter 2: Deciding what to write about
  • Part 2: Getting organised
  • Chapter 3: How to prepare and submit a proposal
  • Chapter 4: Ways to stop wasting time
  • Chapter 5: Dissertation planning
  • Chapter 6: Planning your experimental project
  • Part 3: Finding and using information
  • Chapter 7: Information literacy
  • Chapter 8: Learning how to read
  • Chapter 9: Assessing the value of source material
  • Chapter 10: Turning reading into notes
  • Part 4: Research techniques
  • Chapter 11: Quantitative research
  • Chapter 12: Qualitative research
  • Chapter 13: Experiments and field trips
  • Chapter 14: The importance of critical thinking
  • Part 5: Numbers and data
  • Chapter 15: Working with numbers
  • Chapter 16: Working with and presenting data
  • Part 6: Plagiarism, referencing and ethics
  • Chapter 17: Never ever plagiarise
  • Chapter 18: Citations and references
  • Chapter 19: The ethical dimension
  • Part 7: The first draft
  • Chapter 20: Structuring your dissertation
  • Chapter 21: Structuring your report
  • Chapter 22: Academic writing
  • Part 8: Editing, revising and presenting
  • Chapter 23: The importance of the post-writing phases
  • Chapter 24: Making the most of feedback
  • Chapter 25: The importance of presentation
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