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Algorithms (4e)

Sedgewick Robert & Wayne Kevin
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Pearson Higher Ed USA
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This edition of Robert Sedgewick and Kevin Wayne’s Algorithms is one of the most popular textbooks on algorithms today and is widely used in colleges and universities worldwide. The algorithms in this book – including 50 algorithms every programmer should know – represent a body of knowledge developed over the last 50 years that has become indispensable, not just for professional programmers and computer science students but for any student with interests in science, mathematics, and engineering and for students who use computation in the liberal arts. In this edition, new Java implementations are written in an accessible modular programming style, where all of the code is exposed to the reader and ready to use.

Table of contents
  • Chapter 1: Fundamentals
  • 1.1 Programming Model
  • 1.2 Data Abstraction
  • 1.3 Queues, Stacks, and Bags
  • 1.4 Analysis of Algorithms
  • 1.5 Case Study: Union-Find
  • Chapter 2: Sorting
  • 2.1 Elementary Sorts
    2.1 Elementary Sorts
  • 2.2 Mergesort
  • 2.3 Quicksort
  • 2.4 Priority Queues
  • 2.5 Applications
  • Chapter 3: Searching
  • 3.1 Symbol Tables
    3.1 Symbol Tables
  • 3.2 Binary Search Trees
  • 3.3 Balanced Search Trees
  • 3.4 Hash Tables
  • 3.5 Applications
  • Chapter 4: Graphs
  • 4.1 Undirected graphs
    4.1 Undirected graphs
  • 4.2 Directed graphs
  • 4.3 Minimum Spanning Trees
  • 4.4 Shortest Paths
  • Chapter 5: Strings
  • 5.1 String Sorts
    5.1 String Sorts
  • 5.2 Tries
  • 5.3 Substring Search
  • 5.4 Regular Expressions
  • 5.5 Data Compression
  • Context
  • Systems Programming
    Systems Programming
  • Scientific Computing
  • Commercial Applications
  • Operations Research
  • Intractability
  • Index
  • New to this edition
  • Many powerful new algorithms
  • A broader perspective with more science and engineering applications
  • New illustrations and examples throughout
  • An attractive new two-color design
  • A companion web site, , with many more resources for instructors, including text digests, program code, test data, programming projects, exercises, lecture slides, and other resources

  • Features & benefits
    • The #1 practical resource for everyone seeking to run programs faster or solve larger problems
    • Surveys today's most useful algorithms, with copious illustrations and examples
    • Contains many new examples, ranging from physics, biology, and engineering to data compression and web search
    • Contains real (not pseudocode) implementations, with detailed performance insights

    Author biography

    Robert Sedgewick has been a Professor of Computer Science at Princeton University since 1985, where he was the founding Chairman of the Department of Computer Science. He has held visiting research positions at Xerox PARC, Institute for Defense Analyses, and INRIA, and is member of the board of directors of Adobe Systems. Professor Sedgewick’s research interests include analytic combinatorics, design and analysis of data structures and algorithms, and program visualization. His landmark book, Algorithms, now in its fourth edition, has appeared in numerous versions and languages over the past thirty years. In addition, with Kevin Wayne, he is the coauthor of the highly acclaimed textbook, Introduction to Programming in Java: An Interdisciplinary Approach (Addison-Wesley, 2008).


    Kevin Wayne is the Phillip Y. Goldman Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at Princeton University, where he has been teaching since 1998. He received a Ph.D. in operations research and industrial engineering from Cornell University. His research interests include the design, analysis, and implementation of algorithms, especially for graphs and discrete optimization. With Robert Sedgewick, he is the coauthor of the highly acclaimed textbook, Introduction to Programming in Java: An Interdisciplinary Approach (Addison-Wesley, 2008).