Apple Pro Training Series: Logic Pro 9 and Logic Express 9 : 9780321636805

Apple Pro Training Series: Logic Pro 9 and Logic Express 9

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Pearson Higher Ed USA
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Book + Disk
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Completely revised and updated for Logic Pro 9 and Logic Express 9, this Apple-certified guide shows you how to record, produce, and polish music files with Apple’s professional audio software. Veteran music producer David Nahmani’s step-by-step, instructions teach you everything from basic music creation to advanced production techniques using Logic’s software synthesisers, samplers, and digital signal processors. Using the book’s DVD files and either Logic Pro 9 or Logic Express 9, you’ll begin making music in the first lesson. Whether you’re looking to use your computer as a digital recording studio, create musical compositions, or transfer that song in your head into music you can share, this comprehensive book/DVD combo will show you how.
  • DVD-ROM includes lesson and media files
  • Focused lessons take you step-by-step through professional, real-world projects
  • Accessible writing style puts an expert instructor at your side
  • Ample illustrations and keyboard shortcuts help you master techniques fast
  • Lesson goals and time estimates help you plan your time
  • Chapter review questions summarise what you’ve learned and prepare you for the Apple Certified Pro Exam
Table of contents
  • Getting Started
  • Building a Song
  • Lesson 1 Make Music with Logic Now!
  • Lesson 2 Recording Audio
  • Lesson 3 Editing Audio
  • Lesson 4 Recording MIDI
  • Lesson 5 Programming and Editing MIDI
  • Lesson 6 Programming Drums
  • Lesson 7 Manipulating Tempo and Time Stretching Arranging and Mixing
  • Lesson 8 Arranging and Preparing for the Mix
  • Lesson 9 Mixing
  • Lesson 10 Automating the Mix and Using Control Surfaces
  • Lesson 11 Troubleshooting and Optimization
  • Appendix A Using External MIDI Devices
  • Appendix B Keyboard Shortcuts (U.S. Preset)
  • Index
Author biography
Composer and producer David Nahmani co-wrote and co-produced songs for the MTV series The Real World and Undressed. He engineered and produced three classical albums on Decca Records/BMG for the Bernard Calmel Orchestra in Paris, France, released tracks and remixes on Cleopatra Records, and, using Logic Pro, has programmed XF MIDI songs for Yamaha. David is the director of the Los Angeles Logic Pro User Group and publisher of His extensive teaching experience includes Logic training at Apple public events, such as Remix Hotel, Taxi Road Rally, and ASCAP Music Expo.
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