Diversity Consciousness: Opening Our Minds to People, Cultures, and Opportunities eBook (4e) : 9780321937391

Diversity Consciousness: Opening Our Minds to People, Cultures, and Opportunities eBook (4e)

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Pearson Higher Ed USA
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About the book: For courses in Success/Orientation, Diversity (ie. Managing Diversity), Race and Ethnic Relations, Cultural Diversity in the Workplace, Multiculturalism and Inclusion (ie. leadership, group dynamics, teaching, social media/networking), Education, Nursing, Human Relations, Communications, Hospitality, Social Work/Family Therapy/Human Services, EMS and Fire Science, Counseling, Criminal Justice, Social Justice/Equity; also for teacher-training education courses, and staff/professional development workshops.

This work on human diversity integrates personal and organizational perspectives, research, and theories while discussing teamwork, communication, leadership, conflict, social networking, and other issues in the workplace, at school, and in the community. 

Diversity Consciousness empowers students by helping them develop a "mind-set" which will enable them to be more successful in the 21st century.

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Table of contents
  • Chapter 1: Diversity: An Overview
  • Chapter 2: Diversity Consciousness and Success
  • Chapter 3: Personal and Social Barriers to Success
  • Chapter 4: Developing Diversity Consciousness
  • Chapter 5: Communicating in a Diverse World
  • Chapter 6: Social Networking
  • Chapter 7: Teamwork
  • Chapter 8: Leadership
  • Chapter 9: Preparing for the Future
  • Bibliography.
  • Index.
Features & benefits
  • Broad and inclusive definition and analysis of diversity. Goes far beyond race, gender, and ethnicity.
  • New examples and stories shared in "Another Perspective" feature. Brief profiles, personal experiences, and relatable moments that connect students to new and different ways of understanding other perspectives.
  • NEW! Chapter 6 Social Networking
  • Define social networking.
  • Compare online and face-to-face networking.
  • Explain the significance of the social context of networking.
  • Discuss changing dynamics in society that have altered the nature of social networking.
  • Elaborate on the role of diversity consciousness (awareness, understanding, skills) in online social networking.
  • Give examples of methods for expanding the diversity of online social networks.
  • Enumerate key diversity issues in online social networking.
  • Explain and give examples of the benefits of diverse social networks.
  • Define and give examples of the digital divide.
  • Discuss various benefits of diverse social networks.
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