3D Photoshop: Imagine. Model. Create. : 9780321956552

3D Photoshop: Imagine. Model. Create.

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This Guide to all things 3D in Adobe Photoshop will have you creating models and scenes in no time! Filled with rich imagery and fun tutorials, the project-based chapters within build your knowledge of important 3D concepts and show you what is possible in Photoshop. You'll discover ways to push your creative ambitions forward and create eye-catching 3D artwork. The author's companion website, 3DPhotoshop.net, offers downloadable objects and artwork so you can work through the techniques in the book.
Table of contents
  • Part one: Making 3D objects
  • 1 Making and moving a 3D object
  • 2 Shaping and editing a 3D object.
  • 3 Revolving a 3D object
  • 4 Inflating objects from photographs
  • 5 3D postcards
  • 6 3D presets
  • 7 Other creation tools
  • 8 Importing 3D objects
  • Part two: Lighting and materials
  • 9 Rendering
  • 10 Lighting
  • 11 Placing materials
  • Part three: Bulding 3D scenes
  • 12 Multiple objects
  • 13 Refraction, reflection and transparency
  • 14 Combining models with photographs
  • Part four: Special projects
  • 15 More techniques
Author biography

Steve Caplin is a London-based illustrator, author, and journalist. He creates satirical photomontage illustrations for newspapers and magazines and lectures widely on Photoshop and digital imaging. His bestselling books include How to Cheat in Photoshop: The art of creating realistic photomontages, now in its seventh edition, 100% Photoshop: Create stunning artwork without using any photographs, and Be the Coolest Dad on the Block: All of the Tricks, Games, Puzzles and Jokes You Need to Impress Your Kids. He recently launched the 3D printing website 3DGeni.us, which aims to demystify and explain the 3D printing.