Literacy Links: Practical Strategies to Develop the Emergent Literacy At-Risk Children Need : 9780325004426

Literacy Links: Practical Strategies to Develop the Emergent Literacy At-Risk Children Need

Robb, Laura
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Heinemann USA
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Thoroughly comprehensive and practical, Literacy Links offers strategy after strategy to help literacy-deprived young learners. Robb has found that giving students the opportunity to experience family storybook reading at school works best. She offers four ways to reconstruct that experience and develop emergent literacy by
  • organising small separate kindergarten classes that respond to the children's needs and progress
  • training adults to conduct family storybook reading within a regular school day building the literacy knowledge of small groups through a balanced read-aloud program and writing workshop
  • setting up a summer school program for children who would benefit from more reading and writing.
Table of contents
  1. Changing the Landscape for Literacy-Deprived Learners
  2. An Overview of Emergent Literacy
  3. Planning for and Organizing the Year
  4. Assessing and Selecting Children for Literacy Links
  5. Constructing a Balanced Read-Aloud Program
  6. Interactive, Shared, and Independent Writing
  7. Word Play, Pretend Play, and Centers
  8. School, Home, and Community Connections
  9. Evaluation and Beyond
  10. Appendixes:
  11. Books About Phonemic Awareness
  12. Rhyming Books
  13. Patterned and Repetitive Books
  14. Nonfiction Read-Alouds
  15. Books Children Will Want to Hear Again and Again
  16. Alphabet Books
  17. Counting Books
  18. Log of Story Books Read Each Week
  19. High-Frequency Words
  20. Discussion Graph for Noisy Nora by Rosemary Wells
  21. Take-Home Stories Form
  22. Making Masking Devices.