Fountas & Pinnell Genre Study : 9780325028743

Fountas & Pinnell Genre Study

Fountas, Irene & Pinnell, Gay Su
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Heinemann USA
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Genre Study: Teaching with Fiction and Nonfiction Books is the foundational text of the Genre Study Suite. In exploring Genre Study, Fountas & Pinnell advocate teaching and learning in which students are actively engaged in developing genre understandings and applying their thinking to any genre. It is through using genre understandings that your students think, talk, and read texts with deeper understanding, and write effectively. Genre Study is a professional resource that teachers can use with students to embark on an exciting exploration into the study of genre.
Table of contents
  • Section One: An Inquiry Approach to Genre Study
  • Chapter 1: An Inquiry Approach to Genre Study: Learning from Mentor Texts
  • Chapter 2: What is Genre Study?
  • Chapter 3: What Students Need to Know About the Genres of Texts
  • Chapter 4: A Readers’ and Writers’ Workshop Approach to Genre Study
  • Chapter 5: Learning to Process Fiction and Nonfiction Texts
  • Chapter 6: Understanding Fiction Texts
  • Chapter 7: Realism in Fiction Texts: Contemporary Realistic and Historical Fiction
  • Chapter 8: Fantasy in Fiction Texts: Traditional Literature and Modern Fantasy
  • Chapter 9: Understanding Biography
  • Chapter 10: Nonfiction Texts: Understanding Purpose, Organization, and Audience
  • Chapter 11: Nonfiction Texts: Analysis of Design
  • Chapter 12: Reading Across Genres: A Close Study of Hybrid Texts, Graphica, and Multigenre Text Sets
  • Chapter 13: The Genres of Poetry
  • Section Three: Expanding Reading Power Through Understanding Genres
  • Chapter 14: Thinking and Talking about Genre: Interactive Read-Aloud and Literature Discussion
  • Chapter 15: Learning about Fiction Genres through Minilessons and Group Share
  • Chapter 16: Learning about Nonfiction Texts through Minilessons and Share
  • Chapter 17: Developing Understandings about Genre through Reading Conferences and Independent Reading
  • Chapter 18: Writing about Reading in a Reader’s Notebook
  • Chapter 19: Using Guided Reading to Develop Understandings about Genre
  • Chapter 20: The Reading/Writing Connection
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