Studio 1 Pupil Book : 9780435026967

Studio 1 Pupil Book

McLachlan, Anneli & Bell, Clive
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Pearson United Kingdom
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With the Studio 1 Pupil Book you can choose the right pace of learning for your pupils. Either move at a faster pace by skipping the French basics covered in Accès Studio and at Key Stage 2, or slow down to pause and revise knowledge. 

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  • A modern look with lots of photographs and interesting topics captures pupils' interest right from the start.
  • A wide variety of vocabulary helps pupils build a personal picture and talk about things that really interest them.
  • Activities for all four skills in every unit make sure pupils cover what they need to progress.
  • Covers NC Levels 1-5.
  • Accès Studio page references show where to go to pause and revise the basic topics.
  • Tips on every spread throughout the course teach essential language-learning skills such as using a French dictionary.
  • Every unit in Studio has a grammar objective supported by activities and clear explanations
Table of contents

Module 1: C’est perso
1 Mon autoportrait
2 Mon kit de survie
3 Comment je me vois
4 Et les autres?
5 Il est hypercool!

Module 2: Mon collège
1 Mes matières
2 C’est génial!
3 J’ai cours!
4 Au collège en France
5 Miam-miam!

Module 3: Mes passetemps
1 Mon ordi et mon portable
2 Tu es sportif/sportive?
3 Qu’est-ce que tu fais?
4 J’aime faire ça!
5 Ils sont actifs!

Module 4: Ma zone
1 Là où j’habite
2 Perdu dans le parc d’attractions!
3 Le weekend
4 Coucou!
5 Qu’est-ce qu’on peut faire à …?

Module 5: 3 … 2 … 1 Partez!
1 Les vacances, mode d’emploi
2 Je me prépare …
3 Au Café de la Plage
4 Je vais aller en colo!
5 Mes rêves

Module 6: Studio découverte
1 Animaux
2 Poésie
3 Peintures

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