Psychology for the IB Diploma eBook (Access Card) (2e) : 9780435189631

Psychology for the IB Diploma eBook (Access Card) (2e)

Bryan, Christian et al
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Pearson United Kingdom
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Developed for first examinations in 2019, these resources fully support the new Psychology Guide.

The 2nd edition of this popular title offers a learning focus-based, integrative approach for students to gain genuine understanding, enjoy enduring intellectual benefit and aim at high grades.

Expert selection of relevant theories and studies ensures the entire syllabus and assessment requirements are appropriately covered and addressed.

Written by the highly experienced IB author team of Christian Bryan, Peter Giddens and Christos Halkiopoulos, you can be confident that you and your students have all the resources you need for the new syllabus. An eBook is an electronic version of the printed textbook, allowing teachers and learners to access the content on their mac, PC, iPad or Android tablet.

Our eBooks are hosted on our own platform as it gives us the flexibility to make changes to our books quickly and respond swiftly to customer feedback. Functionality of the eBook includes highlighting, search, bookmarking and notes, plus access to additional resources.

You have 4 years’ prepaid access to the online eBook. Your access begins from the day you activate your eBook.
Table of contents
  • Biological approach to understanding behaviour
  • 1 The brain and behaviour
  • 2 Hormones and pheromones and behaviour
  • 3 Genetics and behaviour
  • 4 Research methods: biological approach
  • 5 Ethical considerations: biological approach
  • 6 The role of animal research in understanding human behaviour (HL)
  • 7 Cognitive processing
  • 8 Reliability of cognitive processes
  • 9 Emotion and cognition
  • 10 Research methods: cognitive approach
  • 11 Ethical considerations: cognitive approach
  • 12 Cognitive processing in the digital world (HL)
  • 13 The individual and the group
  • 14 Cultural origins of behaviour and cognition
  • 15 Cultural influences on individual attitudes, identity, and behaviours
  • 16 Research methods: sociocultural approach
  • 17 Ethical considerations: sociocultural approach
  • 18 The influence of globalization on individual behaviour (HL)
  • 19 Factors influencing diagnosis
  • 20 Etiology of abnormal psychology
  • 21 Treatment of disorders
  • 22 Research methods: abnormal psychology
  • 23 Ethical considerations: abnormal psychology
  • 24 Influences on cognitive and social development
  • 25 Developing an identity
  • 26 Developing as a learner
  • 27 Approaches to research: developmental psychology
  • 28 Ethical considerations: developmental psychology
  • 29 Determinants of health
  • 30 Health problems
  • 31 Promoting health
  • 32 Approaches to research: health psychology
  • 33 Ethical considerations: health psychology
  • 34 Personal relationships
  • 35 Group dynamics
  • 36 Social responsibility
  • 37 Approaches to research: psychology of human relationships
  • 38 Ethical considerations: psychology of human relationships
  • Theory of knowledge
  • Internal assessment
  • Higher level paper 3
  • Extended essay
  • Researchers’ index
  • General index
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