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Classical Mythology

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Perhaps the most widely known and popular legacy of the civilisation of ancient Greece is the surviving collection of Greek myths and legends. These stories are often told in simple versions to entertain children, but the original tales had deeper meanings for those who told and those who listened. In Classical Mythology, Marion Findlay introduces the reader to some of the best-known myths of ancient Greece and helps us explore some of those deeper meanings. The text, which is written in a clear and lively style, covers material for the Year 12 Classical Studies course on the topic. The book also provides comprehensive and valuable background material for other Classical Studies topics such as Homer, Virgil, Greek drama, and Roman religion - and especially for Greek vase painting, since many of the stories depicted on Greek vases are told in detail in this text.

Aspects of the topic that are discussed include:

  • creation myths
  • the Olympian gods and their Roman counterparts
  • the exploits of Greek heroes
  • the myths surrounding the royal houses of Mycenae and Sparta
  • the legends of the Trojan war
  • the influence of Greek mythology on the Roman world
  • the enduring influence of Classical mythology on literature and the visual arts.
Features & benefits
Features of this book include illustrations that have been selected to enhance understanding of the subject, and interesting revision activities. Reference material such as lists of the names of the Greek and Roman gods and goddesses, an index and a select bibliography provide further guidance to the reader.
Author biography
Marion Findlay (MA Hons Latin) teaches Latin and Classical Studies at The Correspondence School in Wellington where she has written courses for senior Latin and Classical Studies using print audio tapes, virtual reality models and the Internet. She has been involved in the writing of Latin and Classical Studies unit standards, in the preparation of Assessment Guides and assessment activities, and in the training of teachers in the use of unit standards for assessment in both subjects. Marion is a member of the New Zealand Association of Classical Teachers and is currently president of the Wellington Classical Association.  She is the author of Divine Quest - A Guide to Reading Virgil's Aeneid (1996) and Roman Religion (1998).