You Can Spell Books 1-4 Teacher's Guide : 9780582543423

You Can Spell Books 1-4 Teacher's Guide

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The Teacher's Guide for Books 1 to 4 of the You Can Spell series is an indispensable and practical aid to teachers in achieving the initial goal of the programme - providing children with a sound technique for learning to spell, and for mastering the spelling of the 1110 high-frequency words in the 90 lists that make up Books 1 to 4.

In addition to supplying the answers to all the activities and word puzzles in the pupils' books, the Teacher's Guide provides a theoretical background to the spelling programme and valuable administrative resources, including:

  • letter models to brief parents on the You Can Spell programme;
  • a training kit with a HP masters;
  • classroom aids, such as a word-building sheet and photocopiable masters of the puzzle grids in the pupils' books;
  • a progress graph for each Mastery Set;
  • spelling diplomas;
  • teachers' workplans and pupil record sheets, and
  • dictation exercises appropriate to each level of spelling attainment.


Author biography

Peter De Ath taught at every school level, and was Principal of Lake Brunner School in Moana, Westland. Some years ago, he asked the question, 'What are the characteristics of good spellers?' His university research produced some interesting answers which he employs in the You Can Spell series for the benefit of all pupils.

Series overview

In 1984, Peter De Ath was engaged by the University of Canterbury to investigate the characteristics of proficient spellers. The You Can Spell programme, developed from that investigation, reflects such research findings as: the importance of establishing a reliable learning technique at an early age, mastering the most commonly used words in the learning progress, and the vital role parents/caregivers play in establishing a spelling consciousness.

About the programme:

  • Eight Mastering Sets based on the frequency of usage of words
  • Learning lists for each Set are pretested to locate the words a child needs to learn
  • Persistent errors are corrected and the words learned again
  • Involves homework and motivation from parents/caregivers
  • Rewards achievement of each Set
  • Starts in junior classes
  • Anticipates proficiency by the end of Year 8
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