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Leading the Way

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Leading the Way examines the nature of leadership by looking at a number of leaders in different countries in the world and at different times in history, showing how their actions have changed the lives and experiences of others.

The book begins with a chapter which discusses the difference between fame and leadership, what makes a leader, and how a leader’s ideas and actions are viewed through time. Kate Sheppard’s fight in the 1880s for New Zealand women’s right to vote is included as a case study.

The following five chapters all focus on a significant leader who represents a different type and style of leadership:

  • Queen Elizabeth I – an hereditary ruler in 16th century England, when women were not normally leaders;
  • Nelson Mandela – one of the world’s most respected and admired leaders who fought for the human rights of all black South Africans;
  • Mao Zedong – a ruler who did much good for China in the early years of his rule but who is considered to have done much harm in his later years;
  • Te Whiti – a wise and respected leader who used peaceful means to protest against land confiscations in Taranaki in the late 1800s;
  • Mother Teresa – the humanitarian ‘saint of the gutters’ from Albania who worked tirelessly to improve the living conditions and rights of the poor.

The final chapter considers everyday leaders, selecting the work of Project K to show how it helps students to achieve their potential.

Packed with activities, diagrams, illustrations and photos, this will be an interesting and welcome resource for all students in Years 9 and 10.

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Curriculum content

The text focuses on two Level 5 Achievement Objectives:

  • how the ideas and actions of individuals and groups that have shaped the lives and experiences of people are viewed through time (Time, Continuity and Change)
  • how and why people seek to gain and maintain social justice and human rights (Social Organisation).


Bicultural, multicultural, current issues, gender, the future


New Zealand, Europe, Asia, Other (Africa)

Author biography
Bronwyn Wood taught social studies in secondary schools for many years and is now the secondary co-ordinator for Social Studies Online. She has written The Great Escape and Essential Learning about New Zealand Society: Places and Resources, both published by Pearson Education in 2001, and co-authored the Global Issues Atlas (Pearson Education, 2002).