Freedom: Towards Human Rights and Social Justice : 9780582861930

Freedom: Towards Human Rights and Social Justice

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Freedom is an activity-based text that will help students gain knowledge and understanding about issues of human rights and social justice.

Freedom begins with a discussion of the basic freedoms everyone should expect. Students prior knowledge is incorporated with a general overview of human rights through the ages, an historical case study (the Montgomery Bus Boycott) and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In the following chapters students examine the various systems of power that deny people their rights and justice evil empires and tyrants, child labour, poverty, war, lack of water and corporal punishment. The topic of human rights in New Zealand is covered, with close reference to the Human Rights Act 1993 (which also deals with the way an Act is passed in New Zealand), the Human Rights Commission and the Office of the Race Relations Conciliator. Finally students consider the role played by human rights heroes and investigate social action plans, current issues and agencies.

The interesting and carefully structured activities cover a wide range of Skills and Processes which help students to understand the topic as well as develop their school studies skills.

Written for Year 9 and 10 students at Level 5 of the social studies curriculum, Freedom covers the strands of Social Organisation (5.2): how and why people seek to gain and maintain human rights, and Time, Continuity and Change (5.2): how the ideas and actions of individuals and groups that have shaped the lives and experiences of people are viewed through time.

Author biography
The authors are experienced teachers, having taught in schools throughout New Zealand and the Pacific. Maeve Stevenson is Assistant Principal at St Orans college, Lower Hutt, while Bruce Stevenson, former Education Convenor of the Human Rights Commission, is Deputy Rector at St Patricks College, Silverstream.  Bruce and Maeve are also the authors of the highly successful Pacific Island Communities.