Gamma Mathematics + Gamma Fundamentals eBooks: NCEA Level 1 - 1 year lease : 9780655780700

Gamma Mathematics + Gamma Fundamentals eBooks: NCEA Level 1 - 1 year lease

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About the books

A complete solution for Level 6 of the New Zealand Mathematics Curriculum, the Gamma Mathematics and Gamma Fundamentals cover all thirteen NCEA Level 1 Mathematics Achievement Standards. The material in the books has been selected so that schools can design courses that meet the needs of all students. Most students will enter for 6 or 7 Achievement Standards at most, so a double-book solution means less waste but there is some overlap in Number and Statistics so a narrow choice is not dictated to schools.

Gamma Mathematics covers nine of the Achievement Standards, including all the externally assessed material. It is the ideal text for students continuing on to do NCEA at Level 2 in Year 12. Gamma Mathematics has an associated Workbook with 80 self-contained assignments.

Gamma Fundamentals also covers nine achievement standards. It is the ideal text for students who want to gain NCEA Level 1 credits early, or who are not continuing with Maths after Year 11. The material in Gamma Fundamentals is internally assessed at NCEA. Gamma Fundamentals also has an associated Workbook for students to cover extra material in their own time.

Table of contents
Gamma Mathematics Contents:

1.1 Numeric reasoning
1.2 Algebraic methods
1.3 Relationships between tables, equations and graphs
1.4 Linear algebra
1.6 Geometric reasoning
1.7 Using right-angled triangles as models for measurement problems
1.10 Multivariate data sets and the statistical enquiry cycle
1.11 Bivariate numerical data and the statistical enquiry cycle
1.12 Chance and data

Gamma Fundamentals Contents:

1.1 Numeric reasoning
1.4 Linear algebra
1.5 Measurement problems
1.8 Geometric representations
1.9 Transformation geometry
1.10 Multivariate data sets and the statistical enquiry cycle
1.11 Bivariate numerical data and the statistical enquiry cycle
1.12 Chance and data
1.13 Probability
Features & benefits

This edition follows in the tradition of David Barton’s resources and contains:

  • Material that addresses the requirements of the New Zealand Curriculum, including the Vision, Principles, Key Competencies, Values and Cross Curricular and Bicultural references.
  • Concise theory notes written with students’ needs in mind.
  • Comprehensive worked examples that are well set out.
  • Colour-coded sets of chapters for each Achievement Standard, making them easy to find.
  • Liberal use of colour throughout the book makes it easier and more interesting to use.
  • Helpful tags on the edge of each page enable students to navigate between the answer section and the related exercises.
  • Plenty of questions in context.
  • Graded exercises to practise skills and build solid foundations.
  • Questions that require understanding and explanation, and some extended working
  • Investigations and puzzles, many new, to motivate students and stimulate thinking.
  • References to technology throughout, including animations, spreadsheet work, CAS calculators, websites that are linked from the website
  • Complete answers.
Author biography
David Barton needs no introduction to a generation of New Zealand mathematics students and teachers. He has written a full six-book, award-winning series for secondary-school mathematics, and his material has also been published in Australia, South Africa, Fiji and Abu Dhabi. David Barton was educated at Wellington College and has taught at Wellington College and Rangitoto College in Auckland.
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