Quoi de Neuf ? 3+4 Teacher Guide, Teacher eBook and Audio Download (2e) : 9780655790211

Quoi de Neuf ? 3+4 Teacher Guide, Teacher eBook and Audio Download (2e)

Comley,J et al
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Pearson Australia
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A Teacher-specific eBook which includes:
  • All Student eBook content (Student Book pages, editable worksheets; audio tracks for the Student Book, Activity Book and worksheets; grammar animations; dialogue videos; pronunciation videos; interactive games; weblinks)
  • Suggested customisable chapter tests, including audio tracks and answers
  • Projectable Activity Book answers
  • Worksheets answers
  • Curriculum grids for the Australian Curriculum, Victorian curriculum, new NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum
  • Teacher eBook comes with access to the Audio tracks Download page if you want to save all audio tracks on your device for ease of use.

Teacher Guide
The Teacher Guide supports teachers at all levels of experience in lesson preparation and implementation. The Teacher Guide has clearly mapped all resources in this series so that they’re visible and aligned to the Student Book. The guide also has clear learning goals, updated teaching notes plus answers to the Student Book and audio scripts.


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Preview sample pages from Quoi de Neuf ? 3+4 Teacher Guide
Table of contents
  • The Quoi de neuf ? series
  • How to use this Teacher Guide
  • Student Book table of contents
  • Using an intercultural language learning (IcLL) approach
  • An introduction to rubric writing
  • Le francais en classe
  • Chapitre 1
  • Chapitre 2
  • Chapitre 3
  • Chapitre 4
  • Chapitre 5
  • Chapitre 6
  • Chapitre 7
  • Chapitre 8
  • Un peu d’enseignment moral et civique
  • Un peu d’histoire
  • Un peu de sciences et technologie
  • Un peu de géographie
Series overview
Aligned to the Australian Curriculum, Victorian Curriculum, new NSW Syllabus and WA Curriculum, Quoi de Neuf ? 1-4, 2nd Edition offers updated content and visuals, and new features for a complete supportive and flexible set of student and teacher resources, print and digital, as well as retaining the best features of the first edition.

Quoi de Neuf Senior for Years 11-12 was written from the ground up based on teacher research and is aligned with the Victorian Study Design 2019, the NSW Stage 6 Syllabus, the QLD Senior curriculum 2019, and all other states’ senior curricula.
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