Making Drama (2e) : 9780733971419

Making Drama (2e)

Burton, Bruce
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Pearson Australia
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This edition of  Making Drama has been extensively re-written and redesigned to provide a complete class text for students studying Drama in Years 7 and 8 across Australia. This edition also links closely with Creating Drama which is written for students in Years 9 and 10.

The student book contains three units which fully cover the three study areas prescribed by the state syllabuses. Each unit combines essential knowledge with a range of drama workshops and assessment tasks.

Table of contents
  • Unit 1: Making a Character
  • Chapter 1: Movement, Sound and Setting
  • Chapter 2: Role and Character
  • Unit 2: Making The Elements of Drama
  • Chapter 3: Time and Place
  • Chapter 4: Tension and Focus
  • Chapter 5: Images and Symbols
  • Unit 3: Making Plays
  • Chapter 6: Improvising
  • Chapter 7: Comedy and Tragedy
  • Chapter 8: Storytelling
Features & benefits
  • Chapter outcomes reflect the outcomes-based nature of all syllabuses making it easy for students and teachers to identify exactly what knowledge
  • and skills need to be developed.
  • Text features - running glossary in the margin (Key Terms) and Notes also in the margin provide students with interesting additional information and practical tips.
  • Try This sections in the margin provide suggestions for specific Drama activities designed to help students understand and apply the information in the text.
  • Activities are integrated throughout the text and are organised around syllabus-related headings so that teachers can easily identify the
    activities they need for outcomes development and assessment.
  • Information and Communication Technologies are addressed under the heading Using Technology offering practical approaches to using technology in
    the Drama classroom.
  • Support for assessment in the form of a core assessment task at the end of each chapter, three model assessment forms and a blank assessment forms for copying, to make assessment more straightforward.
  • Journal Writing activities are clearly identified throughout the text to address this major component of Drama learning.
  • Improved design and layout make the text easier to use and more appealing for students.
  • A broad range of play and script extracts are included as the basis for performance, improvisation and other drama activities, providing a complete drama resource.