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Good Practice In Child Protection

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Intended for courses in social work and human services, along with beginning practitioners on the frontline of child protection and family support.
Good Practice in Child Protection conveys an understanding of the realities and complexities of direct practice with vulnerable children and families in the Australian context. It offers practitioners, educators and students a clear, coherent, informative and comprehensive guide to the key areas of knowledge and skills essential for this domain of practice.
The text draws on evidence-based practice, dealing with complex intersystem issues such as mental health and domestic violence, the over-representation of Indigenous children and coping with workload demands.
Table of contents
1. Child protection in Australia
2. Theories about child abuse and neglect
3. Child and family outcomes
4. Risk, harm and needs
5. Assessment, case planning and intervention
6. Working with children in out-of-home care
7. Participation and collaboration
8. A systematic approach to managing child protection work
Features & benefits
  • Many examples of good practices in child protection are provided throughout the text.
  • Focus Boxes feature a number of issues affecting child protection such as domestic violence, mental health, substance abuse, working with Indigenous children and families, and working with children and/or parents with disability.
  • 'Practice Reflection' Boxes encourage students to reflect on issues relating to child protection.
  • End of Chapter Summaries provide students with links to relevant websites and opportunities for additional reading to develop their understanding further.
Author biography
Dr Clare Tilbury is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Human Services, Griffith University. Dr Tilbury has over 20 years experience in social work practice, policy development and research in the child and family welfare field. She teaches social work theory and practice, evaluation and effectiveness, practice development and leadership.
Dr Jennifer Osmond is a Lecturer in the School of Human Services, Griffith University. Dr Osmond has over 15 years experience as an educator, researcher and practitioner in social work. She teaches child welfare, family violence and family diversity. In 2006, Dr Osmond received the Norman Smith Award for best research article in Australian Social Work.
Dr Julie Clark is a Lecturer in the School of Human Services, Griffith University. Dr Clark has over 20 years experience in social work and child and family services. Dr Clark is a former Director of Counselling for Kids Help Line and Parent Line. She teaches in lifespan development, child protection, social welfare structures and processes.
Dr Sandy Wilson is the Manager of Proactively Managing for Outcomes Program, Training and Specialist Support Branch, Queensland Department of Child Safety. Dr Wilson has over 20 years experience in the child protection sector as a practitioner, supervisor, manager, researcher and trainer. She teaches in child protection leadership and management.