Buyer Behaviour (2e) : 9780733981159

Buyer Behaviour (2e)

Poulos, Minas
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Pearson Australia
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Why do buyers make the decisions they do, and how can marketers influence these decisions?
Now in its second edition, Buyer Behaviour: Implications for Marketing introduces the fundamentals of buyer/consumer behaviour and their relationship to marketing. The text explores the influences of group, social, family, life cycle and individual psychological aspects on consumer decisions – and the resulting implications for marketers.
While this text covers the standard areas applied to both consumer and buyer behaviour, it differs from most text by including more material and exclusive research in the areas where the buyer and the user are separate, for example in ‘business to business’ selling.
NEW to this edition:
  • Up-to-date statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics such as expenditure patterns across the family life cycle (FLC) and class indexes
  • Up-to-date material on the latest VALS™ (Values and Lifestyle Segments) studies
  • A closer look at the impact of technology on marketing communications
  • New material on local demographics in chapter 10
  • A stronger emphasis on the consumer decision process
  • New student friendly layout makes learning easier
 Each chapter features a range of learning features:
  • A list of learning outcomes at the start of each chapter outline what the student will learn
  • Numerous student activities throughout the text give the student the opportunity to practise and develop new skills as they progress through the material
  • Key terms are highlighted throughout the text and compiled in a useful end-of-book glossary for easy reference
  • In Focus boxes give students a broader understanding of concepts in the text
  • Endnotes provide a comprehensive list of resources for further research
Table of contents
Part I - Introduction to buyer behaviour
Chapter 1 Background to buyer behaviour
Chapter 2 Product involvement and consumer decision making
Part II - The buyer as an individual
Chapter 3 Consumer learning and decision making
Chapter 4 Buyer and consumer perception
Chapter 5 Motivation and need/benefit segmentation
Chapter 6 Personality
Chapter 7 Consumer attitudes
Part III - The buyer as a group member
Chapter 8 Group dynamics
Chapter 9 Family decision making
Chapter 10 The life cycle and age segmentation
Chapter 11 Culture and buyer behaviour
Chapter 12 Social class and lifestyle segments
Chapter 13 Organisational buyer behaviour
Chapter 14 Innovation and diffusion: introducing new products to the market
Author biography
Minas Poulos teaches consumer behaviour at the Sydney Institute of TAFE and organisational sciences at the Sydney Institute of Technology. His current research focus is on the life span and consumer behaviour. Minas has authored numerous publications and completed a Master of Arts thesis.
Target audience
BSBMKG401B  Profile the market
BSBMKG402B  Analyse consumer behaviour for specific markets
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