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Human Resource Management in the Workplace

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Human Resource Management in the Workplace is not a prescriptive ‘how to practice HR’ manual. Structured in 3 parts this text provides a primer to reflecting critically about workplace issues and HRM responses. It does not take a prescriptive or functional approach to HRM practice, rather it develops the reader’s skills in thinking about HRM in the workplace – the context it operates in, the challenges it faces, the duties it has. The book introduces HRM, its practical, legal, theoretical and ideological influences; it explores a range of contemporary HRM challenges for workplaces; and finally it looks at how HR practitioners can plan and influence good HRM decision making at work.

Human Resource Management in the Workplace recognises that HRM is practised as much by line managers as by HR professionals. While aimed at undergraduate students studying human resource management who will have little prior knowledge, it will also appeal to practitioners or post experience students with knowledge of HR practices and a desire to integrate or consolidate their existing knowledge in a more critical forum.

Table of contents
Part 1 Introducing HRM in the Workplace
  1 Introduction – Jane Bryson and Rose Ryan
  2 Studying HRM – Jane Bryson
  3 Contextualising HRM in New Zealand – Rose Ryan

Part 2 Contemporary HRM issues in the Workplace
  4 HRM and the new workplace – Geoff Plimmer
  5 The skills and capability challenge in workplaces – Jane Bryson
  6 Engagement, voice and managing workplace relationships – Jane Bryson and Maree Foley
  7 Good work and good workplaces – James Arrowsmith and Jane Parker
  8 HRM issues for diverse workplaces – Rose Ryan
  9 Growing green workplaces – Anne Boyd

Part 3 Managing HRM in the Workplace
10 The business of HRM – Kristen Cooper
11 Ethical HRM – Jane Bryson
12 Organising HRM – Jane Bryson
Features & benefits

Human Resource Management in the Workplace provides:

  • an uncluttered, clear presentation of contemporary HRM issues
  • New Zealand content and context (laws, organisational examples, research, resources)
  • an examination of key HRM challenges in relation to: high performance work systems; employee engagement; employee voice; good workplaces; diversity and sustainability
  • ways of thinking critically about HRM
  • practical guidance to being influential in an HR role (formally and informally)
  • end of chapter summaries and discussion questions for each chapter
  • discusses the ethics of HRM and professional issues facing the HR practitioner
  • an examination of the structure of HR services in workplaces
  • HRM career path advice for students.
Author biography

Jane Bryson is an Associate Professor at Victoria Management School, Victoria University of Wellington where she teaches courses in HRM. She has worked as an HR manager and in management consultancy. Her research interests focus on the investigation of HRM, organisational and human capability; and on professionals, managers and occupational change.

Rose Ryan is Research Director at Heathrose Research. She has worked in a range of policy, academic and management roles. Her research interests include workplace issues, organisational and strategic development, and public sector management.

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