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Becoming an Effective Writer

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Pearson New Zealand
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Becoming an Effective Writer is a practical workbook for students who want to write better university essays. The book provides instruction in the vital activities of explaining and persuading, and in conducting and writing research. All university students, including those at postgraduate level, will benefit from working through this text.

This book also recognises the importance of preparing people to produce better writing in every aspect of their lives. It will be especially helpful for people in the workplace and those who wish to explore freelance and literary writing.

Table of contents
Part I Aims and terms

Chapter 1 Introduction to the course
Chapter 2 Key categories

Part II Writing processes and techniques

Chapter 3 More on the mode of narrative
Chapter 4 More on the mode of exposition
Chapter 5 More on the mode of argument
Chapter 6 More on inquiry: Process and structure
Chapter 7 More on inquiry: Using sources
Chapter 8 More on inquiry: Referencing
Chapter 9 Revising and editing

Part III: Developing rhetorical contexts

Assignment 1 Explanation
Assignment 2 Persuasion
Assignment 3 Inquiry
Assignment 4 Reflection
Author biography
Derek Wallace is a senior lecturer in the School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies at Victoria University of Wellington where he teaches academic and professional writing and interpersonal communication. He has a PhD in English, focusing on the role of writing and communication in the development of public policy, which remains his primary research interest. He is a former editor, and author (with Janet Hughes) of Style Book: A Guide for New Zealand Writers and Editors, now out of print. A replacement for that book, to be published by Dunmore Publishing, is currently in preparation.