Modern Authentication with Azure Active Directory for Web Applications : 9780735696945

Modern Authentication with Azure Active Directory for Web Applications

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Modern Authentication with Active Directory delivers comprehensive guidance for building complete solutions. Balancing theory with concrete code-level guidance, the author paints a complete picture -- placing individual tasks in context, explaining how disparate tasks fit together, helping students choose and design solutions, and demonstrating how to implement it reliably, safely, and efficiently.

Table of contents

Part I – Overview
Chapter I – Your First app with AD
Chapter II – Protocols and app types
Chapter III – Intro to AAD, ADFS
Chapter IV – Intro to libraries


Part II – Web Applications
Chapter V – Your first web app with AD
Chapter VI – OpenId Connect I
Chapter VII- Intro to .NET Identity and ASP.NET OWIN Security components
Chapter VIII- AAD endpoints and app model
Chapter IX – Advanced Web Authentication
Chapter X – ADFS and Web Apps


Part III – Invoke Web API from Web Applications
Chapter XI – Add an API call to your first web app with AD
Chapter XII – OAuth2, OpenId Connect II
Chapter XIII – Intro Active Directory Authentication Library
Chapter XIV – Middle tier flows
Chapter XV – Graph API
Chapter XVI – Single Page Apps and ADAL JS

New to this edition
This is a new book. Many potential readers will recognize it as the next generation replacement for Vittorio Bertocci's highly-praised Programming Windows Identity Foundation (Microsoft Press, 2010).
Features & benefits
  • Students will master authentication for the cloud, OAuth2 and OpenId Connect protocols, and the latest application paradigms (mobile, SaaS, Single Page Apps, and beyond)
  • Combines exhaustive explanations of underlying protocols and technologies with hands-on guidance and in-depth code-level coverage
  • By Windows Azure Principal Program Manager Vittorio Bertocci -- the Microsoft insider who brought these new authentication offerings from concept to general availability
Author biography
Vittorio Bertocci is Principal Program Manager in the Windows Azure Active Directory team, where he looks after Developer Experience: Windows Azure Authentication Library (AAL), JWT Handler, WIF, the development aspects of Windows Azure Active Directory, ACS, and a lot of other things he can't tell you about. He holds a master degree in Computer Science and has worked in the software industry for two decades. For the past ten years, he has focused on distributed systems, identity management, and the promotion of claims-based approaches with Fortune® and Global 100 companies. He maintains a popular blog at, and is author of Programming Windows Identity Foundation (Microsoft Press, 2010).

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