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Microsoft OneNote Step by Step

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This is learning made easy! Students will get productive fast with OneNote, and jump in wherever┬┐they need answers: brisk lessons and colorful screen shots show┬┐them exactly what to do, step by step – and practice files help students build their skills. Fully updated for today's powerful new version of OneNote.
Table of contents
Introduction     xi
Who this book is for     xi
The Step by Step approach     xi
Download the practice files     xii
Ebook edition     xiii
Get support and give feedback     xiii
Errata and support     xiii
We want to hear from you     xii
Stay in touch     xii
Sidebar: Adapt exercise steps     xiv
Chapter 1: Manage notebooks, sections, and pages     1
Create and manage OneNote notebooks     2
Create and manage notebook sections     7
Create and manage notebook pages     15
Skills review     21
Practice tasks     22
Chapter 2: Create and format notes     25
Create, cut, and copy notes     26
Apply text formatting to notes     30
Create lists and outlines     36
Change paragraph formatting     42
Delete formatting and items     44
Skills review     45
Practice tasks     46
Chapter 3: Work with your notes     49
Create quick notes     50
Add tables     53
Attach files and printouts     63
Add images and screen clippings     67
Create links to resources     73
Record audio and video notes     77
Insert time and date stamps     80
Add symbols and equations     81
Skills review     85
Practice tasks     86
Chapter 4: Add ink and shapes to a notebook     91
Add notes by using ink     92
Select, view, and erase ink     96
Convert ink to text and mathematical expressions     99
Create and format shapes     102
Skills review     109
Practice tasks     110
Chapter 5: Review and password-protect notebook text     113
Check spelling     114
Set AutoCorrect options     120
Translate and research text     125
Password-protect sections     130
Skills review     135
Practice tasks     136
Chapter 6: Manage views, windows, and page versions     139
Manage notebook views and links     140
Extend your view by zooming and adding windows     145
Control page setup     148
Review notes by author and read status     154
Manage page versions and history     156
Skills review     158
Practice tasks     159
Chapter 7: Organize notes by using tags and categories     161
Add and remove tags     162
Create and modify tags     168
Search by tag     171
Summarize tagged notes     175
Skills review     177
Practice tasks     178
Chapter 8: Print and share notebooks and pages     181
Preview and print notebook content     182
Export pages, sections, and notebooks     186
Send pages to colleagues     189
Share notebooks by using OneDrive     192
Share notebooks by using SharePoint     198
Skills review     203
Practice tasks     204
Chapter 9: Use OneNote with Outlook and Excel     207
Define Outlook tasks and display meeting details in OneNote     208
Insert Excel spreadsheets on notebook pages     213
Manage your Microsoft account, Office 365 subscription, and app settings     218
Skills review     225
Practice tasks     226
Chapter 10: Manage OneNote options and the interface     229
Set OneNote app options     230
Customize the Quick Access Toolbar     236
Customize the ribbon     240
Skills review     247
Practice tasks     248
Chapter 11: Enhance OneNote by using the Onetastic add-in     251
Download and install the Onetastic add-in     252
Manage notebooks by using OneCalendar     255
Manage pages and styles by using Onetastic     264
Manage content, images, and tables by using Onetastic     268
Skills review     272
Sidebar: Onetastic macros in OneNote     273
Practice tasks     274
Keyboard shortcuts     277
Index     289
About the author     303

New to this edition
Thoroughly updated for Microsoft OneNote 2016.
Features & benefits
  • Easy lessons for essential tasks
  • Big full-color visuals
  • Skill-building practice files
Author biography
Curtis Frye is the author of more than 30 books, including Microsoft Excel 2016 Step by Step for Microsoft Press and Brilliant Excel VBA Programming for Pearson, UK. He has also created and recorded more than three dozen courses for, including Tableau 9 Essential Training and Up and Running with Public Data Sets. In addition to his work as a writer, Curt is a popular conference speaker and performer, both as a solo presenter and as part of the Portland, Oregon ComedySportz improvisational comedy troupe. He lives in Portland with his wife and three cats.

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