Absolute Beginner's Guide Project Management (4e) : 9780789756756

Absolute Beginner's Guide Project Management (4e)

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This book is the fastest way to master every project management task, from upfront budgeting and scheduling through execution, managing teams through closing projects, and learning from experience. Updated for the latest web-based project management tools and the newest version of PMP certification, this book will show readers exactly how to get the job done, one incredibly clear and easy step at a time. Project management has never, ever been this simple!


This is today’s best beginner’s guide to modern project management… simple, practical instructions for succeeding with every task students need to perform!

Table of contents
  • Introduction
  • Part I Project Management Jumpstart
  • Chapter 1 Project Management Overview
  • Chapter 2 The Project Manager
  • Chapter 3 Essential Elements for Any Successful Project
  • Part II Project Planning
  • Chapter 4 Defining a Project
  • Chapter 5 Planning a Project
  • Chapter 6 Developing the Work Breakdown Structure
  • Chapter 7 Estimating the Work
  • Chapter 8 Developing the Project Schedule
  • Chapter 9 Determining the Project Budget
  • Part III Project Control
  • Chapter 10 Controlling a Project
  • Chapter 11 Managing Project Changes
  • Chapter 12 Managing Project Deliverables
  • Chapter 13 Managing Project Issues
  • Chapter 14 Managing Project Risks
  • Chapter 15 Managing Project Quality
  • Part IV Project Execution
  • Chapter 16 Leading a Project
  • Chapter 17 Managing Project Communications
  • Chapter 18 Managing Expectations
  • Chapter 19 Keys to Better Project Team Performance
  • Chapter 20 Managing Differences
  • Chapter 21 Managing Vendors
  • Chapter 22 Ending a Project
  • Part V Accelerating the Learning Curve…Even More
  • Chapter 23 Making Better Use of Microsoft Project
  • Chapter 24 When Reality Happens
  • Chapter 25 The Fun Never Stops
  • Chapter 26 Powerful PMP Exam Tips
New to this edition

While the key principles of project management, leading teams and effective communication are timeless, this book has always been ahead of the curve in addressing leading edge trends in projects and project management and providing powerful tips to help reduce the learning curves and to improve effectiveness of project managers. Hot key trends in project management like agile approaches, leading virtual/remote teams, leading disparate teams, cloud collaboration tools are already covered.

However, it has been four years since the third edition.

In this edition, I plan to review all sections to see where they can be enhanced by incorporating references to those hot trends (the ones mentioned above, plus cybersecurity, mobile applications, HIPPA compliance, social media, Internet of Things projects, etc).

In general, I do not anticipate adding new chapters, but I would expect to add some new sections to a few existing chapters plus updating chapters as needed (corrections, more relevant references).

Here is a summary of the targeted/expected updates:
1. Chapter 19: Update for new developments in last four years
2. Chapter 20: Update for new developments in last four years
3. Chapter 23: Update to incorporate references to latest editions of Microsoft Project (2013, 2016)
4. Chapter 24: Add more sections (what-if scenarios) to address tips and guidance the new developments in last four years
5. Chapter 25: Update sections on Agile and Cloud Collaboration tools
6. Chapter 25: Update section on certifications to reflect current PMI certification offerings and the pending new 6th edition of the PMBoK (Project Management Book of Knowledge) in Q1 2017
7. Chapter 25: Add sections for cybersecurity, HIPPA compliance, social media, Internet of Things projects

Features & benefits
  • Teaches crucial concepts and techniques new project managers can utilize with any project, in any environment, using any tool
  • The closest thing to having one's own personal project management mentor and coach!
  • Includes a section on accelerating the learning curve: techniques, tools, scenarios, and hot topics for becoming an effective project manager even faster
Author biography

Gregory M. Horine is a certified (PMP, CCP) business technology and IT project management professional with more than 27 years of successful results across multiple industries using servant leadership principles. Primary areas of expertise and strength include the following:

• Project management and leadership

• Complete project lifecycle experience

• Complex application development

• Package implementation and integration

• Enterprise solution development

• Effective use of project management tools

• Microsoft Project

• Project and portfolio management tools

• Data analysis and transformation

• Business process analysis and improvement

• Vendor and procurement management

• Mind mapping tools

• Quality and risk management

• Regulatory and process compliance

In addition, Mr. Horine holds a master’s degree in computer science from Ball State University and a bachelor’s degree in both marketing and computer science from Anderson College (Anderson, Indiana).

Through his servant leadership approach, Mr. Horine has established a track record of empowering his teammates, improving project communications, overcoming technical and political obstacles, and successfully completing projects that meet the targeted objectives.

Mr. Horine is grateful for the guidance and the opportunities that he has received from many mentors throughout his career. Their patience and influence has helped form a rewarding career marked by continuous learning and improvement.