More Picture Stories: Language and Problem-Posing Activities for Beginners : 9780801308390

More Picture Stories: Language and Problem-Posing Activities for Beginners

Ligon & Tannenbaum
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The Picture Stories Series is perfect for students with little or no literacy skills in English or in their first language. The authors present stories about immigrant families' experiences when they first arrived in the United States, which students are certain to understand. Literacy skills as well as more complex tasks in listening, speaking, reading, and writing are learned, practiced, and reinforced using these different picture stories as the focus for each unit.

More Picture Stories: Language and Problem-Posing Activities for Beginners, by Fred Ligon, Elizabeth Tannenbaum, and Carol Richardson Rogers, is for beginning to low-intermediate students. (Written in association with The Experiment in International Living.)

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Topic Chart


1.   12 Hours Old                   A girl has a stomachache after eating good that hasn’t been stored properly.


2.   At the Supermarket       To women purchase items differently in a supermarket.


3.   D3 to E4                            An employee doesn’t question his boss when he thinks she’s wrong.


4.   The Dentist                  A man has a tooth removed at a dental clinic.


5.   Do Not Touch                  A man gets in trouble when he doesn’t read important workplace signs.


6.   The Heater                   A man buys a new heater and puts it too close to the bed.


7.   House on Fire                 A man takes three things with him when his house catches fire.


8.   The Job Interview       A couple interview for similar jobs but the woman gets the job.


9.   No Exit                              A man who doesn’t read tragic signs has two accidents and gets a large hospital bill.


10.   OK, No Job                   A woman is harassed by her boss at work.


11.   One Hour                 An employee is unable to complete a job assigned by his boss.


12.   Packing                          A man packs his suitcase to go away to college.


13.   Pancakes                      A woman incorrectly follows a pancake recipe.


14.   Stay for Dinner            The parents of a teenage girl become angry when her boyfriend visits.


15.   The Toaster                  A man uses a knife to get a piece of toast out of a toaster.


16.   The Wallet                     A woman finds a wallet on the street and decides whether to keep the money.


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