A.D.A.M. Interactive Anatomy Student Lab Guide (3e) : 9780805359114

A.D.A.M. Interactive Anatomy Student Lab Guide (3e)

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This lab guide provides exercises that guide students through the more than 20,000 images in the revised edition of the A.D.A.M.® Interactive Anatomy DVD (AIA). Expert AIA users themselves, authors Lafferty and Panella know what students need to bridge the gap between systems-based anatomy texts and the extensive illustration program found in AIA.

Table of contents


 1. Skeletal System.

 2. Muscular System.

 3. Nervous System.

 4. The Special Senses.

 5. Endocrine System.

 6. Cardiovascular System.

 7. Lymphatic System.

 8. Respiratory System.

 9. Digestive System.

10. Urinary System.

11. Reproductive System.
New to this edition
  • The new A.D.A.M.® Interactive Anatomy Version 4.0 DVD contains all eight models from the 3D library (three-dimensional views of the heart, lungs, skull, brain, ear, eye, male and female reproductive systems); previous versions of the software only featured the heart, lungs, and skull. Note: Version 4.0 is only available for Windows, not for Macintosh.
  • Art has been revised and combined with nine new cadaver photos. Many figures include a cadaver photo and a screenshot image from the A.D.A.M.® software side by side to enhance learning
  • The Beyond A.D.A.M.® Interactive Anatomy questions are grouped together for each exercise, so they can be more easily assigned or skipped.
  • The chapter objectives have been modified to place a greater emphasis on student learning.
Features & benefits
  • Chapter on The Special Senses includes nine exercises and figures from the A.D.A.M.® 3D Library supplement, allowing students to view structures from virtually any angle and see a structure embedded within other structures.
  • Exercises using images from the 3D Library enhance the Reproductive System chapter.
  • An answer key is still available as a separate booklet; instructors can choose whether to give students access to the solutions to the lab manual exercises.
  • Software instructions are PC-focused, to accompany the new A.D.A.M.® Version 4.0 software, which is only available for Windows (not available for Mac).
  • A detailed introduction quickly familiarizes users with AIA and its features.
  • Chapter objectives provide a broad overview of the chapter and its key concepts, helping students assess whether they have accomplished what is expected.
  • Extensive identification questions provide review and practice in identifying anatomical structures.
  • Short-answer and Beyond AIA questions challenge students to understand the interrelationships between anatomical structures.
  • A specially priced Value Pack with the A.D.A.M.® Interactive Anatomy Version 4.0 DVD is available for single-copy purchase for students (instructors may order instructor-licensed or lab package editions from A.D.A.M.® by calling 800-755-ADAM).