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Class Acts 1

Clausen, Mathew et al
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Pearson Australia
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Class Acts 1: Plays for Fun and Class Acts 2: Plays for Fun provide high-interest and humorous collections of short play scripts for medium to large casts that incorporate a range of theatrical styles of performance.
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Kandor to Planet E
by Andrea Hayes

A Special Task Force (STF) from Planet Kandor is about to leave on a secret mission to Planet E. They must find and bring back the valuable substance 'Hassite'. General Zat and experts must brief the STF about the peculiar habits and anatomy of Earthbods, Earth lingo, and the dangers of 'hereboys', 'smileflash' and other tortures.

Christmas Balls
by Jennifer Blackburn

Christmas is the season to be jolly! This comic play opens with the traditional exchange of gifts on Christmas morning at the Ball household. Grandma is driving everyone crazy and no one likes their presents. Then Uncle Baz arrives with a sackload of suspiciously expensive presents, and cousin Sebastian threatens to give the game away.

The Wonderful Wide World of People
by Michael Pryor

Anna Conder and Tyrone Saurus are the hosts of a television program, 'The Wonderful Wide World of People'. In this comic play we meet a range of unusual and amusing characters, each with their own special talent.

The Prisoners of Year Eight
by Mathew Clausen

It's Friday afternoon at Downpark High and some students are on detention. Barry is worried he'll be suspended, Mikaela thinks detentions are fun, Kate and Connie couldn't care less, and Stephanie thinks she has uncovered a plot involving Principal Prunewhistle. This classroom comedy includes a student chorus to act out the daydreams of the characters.

Cleo Must Die
by Andrea Hayes

There's a major problem in Ancient Egypt: Cleopatra's loyal servants plan to stop her from killing herself. PC, Sam and Kelly are sent back in time and must make sure history happen correctly in order to get back to detention in room thirteen.

This Isn't Kansas!
by Jennifer Blackburn

In this parody of The Wizard of Oz, Em, Wilson, Jo and Ash are magically transported into a fantasy land. Their quest is to free the people from the grip of incredible boredom brought about by the curse of the evil witch Fester. On their journey they meet a range of characters and must solve one final problem for the 'King' before they can return home.

The Undoing of Strapp
by Nicole Murphy

Camp Getouttahere's militant fitness instructor, Mr Strapp, is making everyone's life a misery. But when Ben, Dee, Fleur and friends stumble onto information that the camp is in deep financial trouble, they mastermind a daring plan to save it. As they put their plan into action, they uncover an even bigger surprise.

No Humans Allowed
by Andrea Hayes

The Scary Creatures Club must find ten thousand dollars to repair their clubrooms or the council will shut them down! They plan a party (no humans allowed!) to raise money, and hope the feral Podzolites don't hear about it.

Features & benefits
  • Short plays each with a large cast, ideal for classroom/drama space
  • Plays explore a variety of theatrical and performance techniques and stage directions
  • Each play has specific warm-up and follow-up exercises and activities
  • Whimsical illustrations and an attention grabbing design
  • High interest level topics to motivate and entertain students
  • Performances do not require scenery or props, but have the potential to be made into full-scale productions with costumes, sound effects, scene changes and so forth.
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