Brilliant: Answers to Tough Interview Questions (5e) : 9781292015330

Brilliant: Answers to Tough Interview Questions (5e)

Hodgson, Susan
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Pearson United Kingdom
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What does it take to really shine in any interview?

Learn how to recognise your strengths and play to them, how to deal with your weak spots and avoid panic and clichéd answers. Discover the art of turning every question to your advantage and learn the secrets behind a brilliant answer, so you will always know the right thing to say.

With over 200 of the most commonly-asked questions and ideal answers, this is the book that will make sure that you are ready to handle anything an interviewer throws at you.


  • Learn how to turn any question to your advantage
  • Feel prepared and in control – no matter what questions are asked
  • Be ready and able to show your strengths
Table of contents
  • About the author
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • 1 Preparation - the first step to success
  • 2 Everything you have learned
  • 3 Working well
  • 4 Is this the place for you?
  • 5 The personal touch
  • 6 Your career path - the rough and the smooth
  • 7 Climbing the ladder
  • 8 Are you confident that you are competent?
  • 9 Your past - tricky moments
  • 10 Your future - a tough world
  • 11  An equal chance of success
  • 12  Turning the tables
  • 13 Every kind of interview
  • 14 Interviews past - interviews yet to come
  • Index of questions
Author biography

Susan Hodgson previously ran a university careers service and worked closely with students preparing them to take many of the tests covered here and helping them to deal with the results. She also worked closely with employers helping them to use her practising students as guinea pigs for some of their aptitude test development. Susan's own first degree is in psychology and she now works as an independent careers consultant and writer.

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