Brilliant How to Write a Brilliant CV: What employers want to see and how to write it (5e) : 9781292015378

Brilliant How to Write a Brilliant CV: What employers want to see and how to write it (5e)

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When you apply for a job, your CV is compared to hundreds of others. You've only got the time it takes the employer to scan the pages to show how brilliant you are. How do you impress them when you don't know what employers are actually looking for?

Brilliant CV tells you what a prospective employer is looking for and how to write it – now. ·

  • Learn how to write CVs that make the shortlist
  • Understand what employers love and loathe
  • Revamp your existing CV with minimum effort
  • Learn how to make the most of online applications and social media
  • Find out what works in the real world and learn how to put it into practice through examples, exercises, samples and templates.
  • With brilliant new chapters on how to tackle online applications and using social media to land that perfect job, you’ll be well prepared and ready to really shine and stand out from the rest.
Table of contents




Part 1 Writing a CV from scratch

1  How to sell yourself

2  The applicant-employer fit

3  Where is the prime suspect?

4  How to read a job ad

5  Job descriptions

6 Do you fit the job?

7  What sort of person are you?

8  Making the perfect fit

9  Presenting your CV

Part 2 The icing on the cake

10  Mind your language!

11  Using competency statements

12  Telling tales

13  Using career objectives

14  Job application letters

Part 3 The doctor is in - your problems solved

15  Addressing selection criteria

16  CV makeovers

17  Tricky CV issues

Part 4 Resource bank - useful ingredients and tips

18  Finding out, finding others and being found: Job searching for a new decade

19  Internet sites and other resources

Author biography

Jim Bright is the managing partner of Bright & Associates. He has an international reputation as a career development professional based on his award winning innovative career development research, best-selling career development books and his entertaining and informative speaking and training.

Jim has over 20 years of experience in psychology and career development. Born in Royal Leamington Spa, he was educated at Trinity School and the University of Nottingham. He has a BA(Hons) and a PhD in psychology. He has published over 300 books,chapters journal and newspaper articles, tests and reports. 

Jim regularly gives Keynotes and workshops around the world, and regularly visits the UK to work and speak.

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