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25 Need-To-Know Strategy Tools

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Includes 10 handy do’s and don’ts of strategy development

  • Need powerful decision-making tools at your fingertips?
  • Want to get the most out of strategic thinking models like Porter’s Five Forces?
  • Only want what you need to know, rather than reams of theory?

 With the critical strategy tools required to identify the best opportunities and direction for your business, this book tells you what you need to know, fast.

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Top 10 Dos and Don’ts of Strategy Development


1.    Identifying key segments

   Using it: IBM

2.    Setting long-term goals

   Using it: Virgin Galactic

3.    Setting SMART objectives

   Using it: the BBC

4.    Core Ideology (Collins and Porras)

   Using it: Sony

5.    The HOOF approach to demand forecasting (Evans)

   Using it: Apps

6.    The five forces (Porter)

   Using it: Blockbuster

7.    Rating competitive position

   Using it: Samuel Adams

8.    The resource and capability strengths/importance matrix (Grant)

   Using it: Virgin Group

9.    The value chain (Porter)

   Using it: Zara

10.  The product/market matrix (Ansoff)

   Using it: Virgin Cola

11.  The attractiveness/advantage matrix (GE/McKinsey)

   Using it: Extramural Ltd

12.  The growth/share matrix (BCG)

   Using it: Extramural Ltd

13.  Three generic strategies (Porter)

   Using it: Southwest Airlines

14.  The experience curve (BCG)

   Using it: Energy technologies

15.  Blue ocean strategy (Kim and Mauborgne)

   Using it: Cirque du Soleil

16.  Optimising the corporate portfolio

   Using it: Extramural Ltd

17.  Creating value through mergers, acquisitions and alliances

   Using it: Lloyds Banking Group

18.  Creating parenting value (Goold, Campbell and Alexander)

   Using it: Oil company mineral resources

19.  Core competences (Hamel and Prahalad)

   Using it: Red Bull

20.  Deliberate and Emergent Strategy (Mintzberg)

   Using it: Facebook

21.  Profit from the core (Zook)

   Using it: Marvel Entertainment

22.  Disruptive technologies (Christensen)

   Using it: Toyota

23.  Good strategy, bad strategy (Rumelt)

   Using it: Wal-Mart

24.  Innovation hot spots (Gratton)

   Using it: Linux

25.  The Suns & Clouds Chart (Evans)

   Using it: Madonna




10 Useful Strategy Books to Read Next


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Author biography

Vaughan Evans is an independent strategy consultant (www.managingstrategicrisk.com) with a background in industry economics. He worked at management and technology consultants Arthur D. Little and at investment bank Bankers Trust. Vaughan graduated from Cambridge and has a Sloan Fellowship with distinction from London Business School. He is the author of four previous books, including the best-selling Financial Times Essential Guide to Writing a Business Plan.