Brilliant Passing Psychometric Tests VitalSource eText (2e) : 9781292016542

Brilliant Passing Psychometric Tests VitalSource eText (2e)

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About the book

Practice prepare and get ready to pass.

Don't let a psychometric test stop you getting the job you want. Packed with practice questions and practical Passing Psychometric Tests will help you lose the fear, prepare and practice with everything you need to know to pass with flying colours.


Table of contents
About the author

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How to use this book

Part 1: Introduction to psychometric tests

Chapter 1: What are psychometric tests?

Chapter 2: Why do employers use psychometric tests?

Chapter 3: What to expect and how to prepare for tests

Chapter 4: What if I don't get through?

Chapter 5: In case of emergency, read here

Part 2: Psychometric tests

Chapter 6: Verbal reasoning tests

Chapter 7: Numerical or non-verbal reasoning tests

Chapter 8: Inductive, abstract or diagrammatic reasoning tests

Chapter 9: Situational judgement tests

Chapter 10: Personality tests or indicators

Part 3: Brilliant practice

Part 4: Brilliant answers

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