International Marketing and Export Management (8e) : 9781292016924

International Marketing and Export Management (8e)

Albaum / Duerr / Josiassen
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Pearson United Kingdom
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International Marketing and Export Management offers an accessible text in international marketing. The book covers the evolving internationally competitive landscape that almost all firms and consumers find themselves acting in today. Consumers because they often make consumption choices where there are international options, and firms because they either compete internationally or have international competitors in their domestic market.


The edition retains its clear and comprehensive coverage of the opportunities for companies of all sizes and in all industries in the export of goods, services, intellectual property and business models.

Table of contents
  • 1 International marketing and exporting  
  • 2 Bases of international marketing   
  • 3 The international environment: culture; economic forces; and competition
  • 4 The international environment: government, political and legal forces   
  • 5 Market selection: definition and strategies
  • 6 Information for international market(ing) decisions
  • 7 Market entry strategies   
  • 8 In depth with entry modes
  • 9 Nonexport entry modes  
  • 10  Product decisions  
  • 11  Pricing decisions   
  • 12  Financing and methods of payment
  • 13  Promotion and marketing communication
  • 14  Supply chain management/logistics and handling export orders
  • Glossary   
  • Index  
New to this edition

Key features include:

  • A thorough outline of the international environment that firms and consumers find themselves in.
  • In terms of critical literature this text makes extensive use of truly international marketing theories and models, rather than merely using generic marketing theories and models in an international context.
  • Comprehensive coverage of international consumer behaviour such as country-of-origin theories and models.
  • Increased coverage of the service sector.
  • Greater emphasis on corporate social responsibility and ethics.