Modern Electronic Communication, Pearson New International Edition (9e) : 9781292025476

Modern Electronic Communication, Pearson New International Edition (9e)

Miller & Beasley
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For courses in Electronic Communications and Communication Systems.

Maintaining the tradition of previous editions, this edition includes up-to-date coverage of the latest in electronic communications and concepts. The material presented reflects advancements and developments in all aspects of electronic communications such as mobile communications, satellite communications, digital signal processing and SS7 signaling. Electronic Workbench Multisim simulations appear at the end of each chapter and in-text learning aids further develop students’ analytical and troubleshooting skills.


Table of contents
  • 1.    Amplitude Modulation: Transmission
  • 2.    Amplitude Modulation: Reception
  • 3.    Single-Sideband Communications
  • 4.    Frequency Modulation: Transmission
  • 5.    Frequency Modulation: Reception
  • 6.    Communications Techniques
  • 7.    Digital Communications: Coding Techniques
  • 8.    Wired Digital Communications
  • 9.  Wireless Digital Communications
  • 10.  Transmission Lines
  • 11.  Wave Propagation
  • 12.  Antennas
  • 13.  Waveguides and Radar
New to this edition

Expanded discussion of digital communications including new changes and improvements in:

  • Mobile Communications
  • SS7 Signaling
  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-Max
  • DTV (digital television) 

Completely new sections on:

  • Wireless Security
  • DSP (digital signal processing)
  • RFID
  • HD Radio 

Expanded sections on satellite communications, parabolic reflectors–and an updated look at fiber optic communications.

  • Gives readers the latest information on concepts and techniques used in the field.

A new section on High Frequency Communication Modules–appears in this edition.

  • Features Mini-Circuits® modules with examples of how to use modular electronic systems to implement electronic communication circuitry.
  • Complements the enhancements made to the accompanying lab manual with practical experiments using the Mini-Circuits® modules. 

New labs–make the accompanying manual fresh and updated.

  • Lab Manual, 9/E, by Oliver, Beasley & Shores, 320 pages, ISBN-10: 0131568558


Features & benefits

The up-to-date treatment of digital and data communications–is a hallmark of the text.

  • Provides a foundation of basic concepts (such as AM/FM) and includes the latest advancements in the field (such as digital television, mobile communications, satellite communications, Bluetooth, and fiber optics). 

Electronic Workbench Multisim simulation exercises–appear at the end of each chapter.  

  • Helps students gain the understanding of an important concept presented in the chapter by presenting circuits in a tutorial manner. 

Extensive Problem Sets, Trouble Shooting Sections, and Questions for Critical Thinking–develop students reasoning and analytical skills.

  • Offers varied assignment material designed to sharpen students’ deductive reasoning. 

Full-colour format–including four-colour photos and illustrations.

  • Depict typical industrial equipment and capture readers’ attention. 

Complete directory of electronic communication acronyms–appears in Appendix A.

  • Aids students who may find acronyms confusing. 

In-text learning aids–include key terms and definitions; chapter outlines and objectives; key points end-of-chapter summaries and a comprehensive glossary.