Principles of Electric Circuits: Conventional Current Version, Pearson New International Edition (9e) : 9781292025667

Principles of Electric Circuits: Conventional Current Version, Pearson New International Edition (9e)

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For DC/AC Circuits courses requiring a comprehensive, classroom tested text with an emphasis on troubleshooting and the practical application of DC/AC principles and concepts.

This text provides an exceptionally clear introduction to DC/AC circuits supported by superior exercises, examples, and illustrations and an emphasis on troubleshooting and applications. Throughout the text's coverage, the use of mathematics is limited to only those concepts that are needed for understanding. Floyd's acclaimed troubleshooting emphasis provides students with the problem solving experience they need to step out of the classroom and into a job!

Table of contents
  • Chapter 1:  Quantities and Units
  • Chapter 2:  Voltage, Current, and Resistance
  • Chapter 3:  Ohm’s Law
  • Chapter 4:  Energy and Power
  • Chapter 5  Series Circuits
  • Chapter 6   Parallel Circuits
  • Chapter 7  Series-Parallel Circuits
  • Chapter 8   Circuit Theorems and Conversions
  • Chapter 9  Branch, Loop, and Node Analyses
  • Chapter 10  Magnetism and Electromagnetism
  • Chapter 11 Introduction to Alternating Current and Voltage\
  • Chapter 12 Capacitors
  • Chapter 13  Inductors
  • Chapter 14  RC Circuits
  • Chapter 15  RL Circuits
  • Chapter 16 RLC Circuits and Resonance
  • Chapter 17 Passive filters
  • Chapter 18 Circuit Theorems in AC Analysis
  • Chapter 19 Time Response of Reactive Circuits
  • Chapter 20 Three-Phase Systems in Power Applications
  • Appendices
  • A  Table of Standard Resistor Values
  • B   Derivations
  • C   Capacitor Color Coding
  • Answers to Odd-Numbered Problems
  • Glossary
  • Index
New to this edition

  • More practical applications
  • New problems in most chapters.
  • New true/false quiz at the end of each chapter
  • Expanded safety coverage
  • True/false quiz at the end of each chapter
  • Internet references for selected topics
  • More Multisim circuits
  • Multisim tutorial in the appendix
  • Multisim 10 and Multsim 9 circuit files with appendix directions for accessing the website files.
  • Coverage of fuel cells and expanded coverage of batteries, solar cells,
  • Section on voltage measurements.
  • Coverage of the Hall Effect and expanded coverage of magnetic and electromagnetic topics.
  • Section on dc motors and generators
  • Section on ac motors and generators (alternators)
  • Expanded coverage of capacitive and inductive reactance
  • Section on dc motors and generators
  • Numerous other improvements and updates 

Features & benefits
  • Numerous worked examples and related problems throughout each chapter help illustrate and clarify basic concepts of specific procedures.
  • Real scenario “Applications”, many of which are new to this edition are emphasised with most chapters.
  • Complete and straightforward presentation of the basics of electrical components and circuits.
  • Troubleshooting coverage
  • Full four colour format
  • Two complete Lab Manuals