Geology for Engineers and Environmental Scientists:Pearson New International Edition (3e) : 9781292039107

Geology for Engineers and Environmental Scientists:Pearson New International Edition (3e)

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Pearson Higher Ed USA
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For introductory courses in geology for engineers or engineering geology, offered in departments of geology, earth science, and civil engineering.

This text provides an introduction to geology for students of engineering and environmental science – with a focus on applications that they are likely to use in their professional careers. It demonstrates the importance of geology to engineers by including introductory mechanics, hydraulics, and case studies that illustrate interactions between geology and engineering; applications involving environmental problems and solutions are given significant coverage as well.

Table of contents
1. Challenges of the 21st Century

2. The Earth and Its Systems

3. Minerals

4. Igneous Rocks and Processes

5. Sedimentary Rocks and Processes

6. Metamorphic Rocks and Processes

7. Mechanics of Earth Materials

8. Structural Deformation of the Earth’s Crust and Earthquakes

9. Weathering and Erosion

10. Soils, Soil Hazards and Land Subsidence

11. Ground Water

12. Subsurface Contamination and Remediation

13. Mass Movement and Slope Stability

14. Rivers

15. Oceans and Coasts

16. Glaciers, Permafrost, and Deserts
Features & benefits
  • Flexible integration of geology and engineering – Presented in a way that enables instructors to structure the course to emphasize aspects of the material as needed.
  • A solid background in the basics of geology – Includes mineralogy; igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks; structural geology and plate tectonics; weathering and erosion; and rivers, coastlines, and glaciers.
  • Introduction to rock mechanics and soil mechanics – Gives students a head start as they progress to more advanced courses.
  • Many specific descriptions of geologic processes that are hazardous to human life and property to demonstrate the practical importance of geology to society.