Organizational Behaviour for the Hospitality Industry: Pearson New International Edition : 9781292040264

Organizational Behaviour for the Hospitality Industry: Pearson New International Edition

Berger, Brownell
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Pearson Higher Ed USA
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For undergraduate and graduate courses in Organizational Behavior and Human Relations Skills in schools of hotel management.

Organizational Behavior for the Hospitality Industry is the most recent organizational behavior text that focuses on the hospitality industry, delving into the concepts that are relevant to students who plan to enter the hospitality industry. Hospitality organizations today must achieve excellence in human relations, and that success starts with quality organizational behavior. The text is organized into three sections: organizational behavioral essentials, the individual and the organization, and key management tasks. Additionally, each key topic includes detailed exercises, providing students with the hands-on experience they'll need in order to succeed in the industry.

Table of contents
1. Customer Care

2. Communicating in Organizations

3. Understanding the Diverse Workforce

4. The Power of Teams in Hospitality

5. Group Problem-Solving and Decision-Making

6. Managing Time

7. Managing Stress

8. Promoting Creativity

9. Setting Personal and Professional Goals

10. Managing Conflict

11. Motivating Employees

12. Counseling Employees

13. Understanding Power and Politics in Organizations

14. Leading Hospitality Organizations
Features & benefits
  • Covers key trends in the hospitality industry, including the quality of customer service, the use of technology, diversity, and team-based approaches to organizational behavior.
  • Hospitality industry expert cases — leaders in the hospitality industry discuss their personal experiences, providing students with valuable industry insight and expertise.
  • End-of-chapter exercises that help students actively experience various aspects of the hospitality industry.
  • PowerPoint slides for each chapter, giving instructors a lively and colorful tool to enhance their lectures.