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Little, Brown Essential Handbook Global Edition VitalSource eText (8e)

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About the book

The Little, Brown Essential Handbook, Eighth Edition, is a brief and accessible pocket-sized handbook that answers questions about writing in the disciplines, the writing process, grammar and usage, research writing, and documentation.

Teaching and Learning Experience

This text will provide a better teaching and learning experience—for you and your students. It provides:

  • Minimal terminology, clear explanations and examples, and pointers for ESL writers: Help students at all levels of learning.
  • Extensive sections on academic writing, research writing, source documentation, and document design: Support writers in all disciplines.
Table of contents
Finding What You Need 00

Preface 0



1 Academic Writing

a The writing situation

b Thesis and organization

c Evidence and research

d Synthesis

e Responsible use of sources

f Language

g Revision

h Editing and proofreading

2 Writing Arguments

a Elements of argument

b Balance in argument

c Organization of argument

d Visual arguments

e Sample argument

3 Writing in the Disciplines

a Literature

b Other humanities

c Social sciences

d Natural and applied sciences

4 Presenting Writing

a Formats for academic papers

b Visuals and other media

c Oral presentations

d Readers with vision loss



5 Emphasis

a Subjects and verbs

b Sentence beginnings and endings

c Coordination

d Subordination

6 Conciseness

a Focusing on the subject and verb

b Cutting empty words

c Cutting unneeded repetition

d Reducing clauses and phrases

e Revising there is or it is

f Combining sentences

7 Parallelism

a With and, but, or nor, yet

b With both…and, either…or, etc.

c With lists, headings, outlines

8 Variety and Detail

a Varied sentence lengths and structures

b Details

9 Appropriate Words

a Nonstandard dialect

b Slang

c Colloquial language

d Technical words

e Indirect and pretentious writing

f Sexist and other biased language

10 Exact Words

a Right word for meaning

b Concrete and specific words

c Idioms

d Clichés



11 Forms

a Sing/sang/sung and other irregular verbs

b Helping verbs

c Verb + gerund or infinitive

d Verb + participle

12 Tenses

a Present tense (sing)

b Perfect tenses (have/had/will have sung)

c Consistency

d Sequence

13 Mood

a Subjunctive (I wish I were)

b Consistency

14 Voice

a She wrote it (active) vs. It was written (passive)

b Consistency

15 Subject-Verb Agreement

a -s ending for noun or verb

b Words between subject and verb

c Subjects with and

d Subjects with or or nor

e Everyone and other indefinite pronouns

f Team and other collective nouns

g Who, which, that

h News and other singular nouns ending in –s

i Inverted word order

j Is, are, and other linking verbs


16 Forms

a She and I vs. her and me

b It was she vs. It was her

c Who vs. whom

d Other constructions

17 Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement

a Antecedents with and

b Antecedents with or or nor

c Everyone, person, and other indefinite words

d Team and other collective nouns

18 Pronoun Reference

a Single antecedent

b Close antecedent

c Specific antecedent

d Consistency


19 Adjectives and Adverbs

a Adjective vs. adverb

b Adjective with linking verb: felt bad

c Bigger, most talented, and other comparisons

d Double negatives

e Present and past participles: boring vs. bored

f Articles: a, an, the

20 Misplaced and Dangling Modifiers

a Misplaced modifiers

b Dangling modifiers


21 Fragments 00

a Tests

b Revision

22 Comma Splices and Fused Sentences

a Main clauses without and, but, etc.

b Main clauses related by however, for example, etc.



23 The Comma 00

a And, but, or, nor, for, so, yet

b Introductory elements

c Interrupting and concluding elements

d Series

e Adjectives

f Dates, addresses, place names, numbers

g Quotations

24 The Semicolon

a Main clauses

b However, for example, etc.

c Series

25 The Colon

a For introduction

b Salutations, titles and subtitles, time

26 The Apostrophe

a Possessives

b Misuses: plural noun, singular verb, personal pronoun

c Contractions

d Plural abbreviations, etc.

27 Quotation Marks

a Direct quotations

b Titles of works

c Words used in a special sense

d With other punctuation

28 End Punctuation

a Period

b Question mark

c Exclamation point

29 Other Marks

a Dash or dashes

b Parentheses

c Ellipses mark

d Brackets

e Slash



30 Spelling and the Hyphen

a Spelling checkers

b Spelling rules

c The hyphen

31 Capital Letters

a First word of sentence

b Proper nouns and adjectives

c Titles and subtitles of works

d Titles of persons

e Online communication

32 Italics or Underlining

a Titles of works

b Ships, aircraft, spacecraft, trains

c Foreign words and phrases

d Words or characters named as words

e Online alternatives

33 Abbreviations

a Familiar abbreviations

b Latin abbreviations

c Words usually spelled out

34 Numbers

a Numerals, not words

b Words, not numerals



35 Research Strategy

a Subject, question, thesis

b Goals for sources

c Working bibliography

36 Tracking Sources

a Working bibliography

b Annotated bibliography

c Files, printouts, and notes

37 Finding Sources

a Electronic searches

b Reference works

c Books

d Periodicals

e The Web

f Social media

g Government publications

h Images, audio, and audio

i Your own sources

38 Evaluating and Synthesizing Sources

a Evaluation

b Synthesis

39 Integrating Sources into Your Text

a Summary, paraphrase, direct quotation

b Introduction and interpretation of source material

c Clear boundaries for source material

40 Avoiding Plagiarism

a Deliberate and careless plagiarism

b What not to acknowledge

c What must be acknowledged

d Online sources

41 Documenting Sources

a Discipline styles

b Bibliography software

42 MLA Documentation and Format

a Parenthetical text citations

b List of works cited

c Paper format

d Sample pages

43 APA Documentation and Format

a Parenthetical text citations

b Reference list

c Paper format

d Sample pages

44 Chicago Documentation and Format

a Notes and list of works cited

b Models

c Paper format

d Sample pages

45 CSE Documentation

a Name-year text citations

b Numbered text citations

c Reference list

Commonly Misused Words

Grammar Terms

Access Code info.

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