Brilliant How to Solve Problems and Make Brilliant Decisions : 9781292064024

Brilliant How to Solve Problems and Make Brilliant Decisions

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Pearson United Kingdom
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Business thinking skills that really work

Better creative thinking leads to brilliant decision making and successful, innovative solutions to business problems. Using the proven practical skills, techniques and advice in this book, you will learn how to think better, faster and more productively, enabling you to shape, train and inspire your thinking to deliver more effective results. 

  • Improve your critical analysis and thinking skills
  • Become confident in making better and more creative decisions
  • become faster and more effective at problem solving

This book will enable you to become a calm, logical and well-argued decision maker with the ability to deliver better solutions and outstanding results - and win the accolade for your work – “well thought through, persuasively argued with a creative set of options. Well done.”

Table of contents

About the author
‭Introduction: what do you think?

‭Part 1 How to use your most important asset – your ‭brain
‭1 Your thinking machine needs looking after

‭Part 2 Summary: brilliant thinking on a plate
‭2 A brilliant thinking toolkit

Part 3 Critical thinking
‭‭3 Problem-solvers of the world get ready
‭4 Read, mark, learn and listen (most of all listen)

‭Part 4 Decision-making
‭5 Deconstructing the decision-making process
‭6 Become better at decision-making
7 Heffalump-traps, sleeping-policemen and other pitfalls

‭Part 5 Creative thinking
‭‭8 What makes creativity so powerful and so exciting
‭9 Ten ways to become brilliantly creative
‭10 Exercises to help you become creative
‭11 Winning strategies for your creative journey
‭12 Creating brilliant creative-thinking workshops

‭Part 6 Thinking of other people
13 How to get on other people’s wavelengths
‭14 Ways to connect more effectively
‭15 Understanding changing minds and changing times

‭Part 7 Final thoughts
‭16 Using our minds to their full potential

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Author biography
Richard Hall is Chairman of RH&A and Showcase Presentations Limited, which was most recently behind the Pearson presentation at the Strand. He has written four books for Pearson, which include Brilliant Presentation, Brilliant Business Creativity and The Secrets of Success At Work. His background is in marketing and advertising.
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