How to Be Brilliant VitalSource eText: Change Your Ways in 90 days! (4e) : 9781292065229

How to Be Brilliant VitalSource eText: Change Your Ways in 90 days! (4e)

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About the book

Fed up of doing the same old things day in, day out? Tired of working hard for average results? Have the feeling that you could do more, be more?

How to Be Brilliant has been helping people to be brilliant for ten years. This international bestseller shows you how to make the critical steps from average to good and from good to brilliant – at work and in life. It’ll help you work out what’s happening right now and get clear about how it could be so much better.

Then you’ll be given strategies and powerful methods to help you get there:

· as quickly as possible
· as economically as possible
· with as much fun as possible.

And once you know the secrets to being brilliant you can apply them to all areas of your life.

Don’t be good. Be brilliant.

Table of contents
About the author

So why a Tenth Anniversary Edition?


1. A brilliant life balance

2. The five characteristics of brilliant people

3. Brilliant goal-setting

4. Time to be brilliant

5. Brilliant belief systems

6. Brilliant rock-busting

7. I need your help

8. Brilliant values

9. Brilliant teams

10. Brilliant vision

11. Brilliance into action: Time for a review

12. How to be ‘brilliant-er’: The next level!

13. Overcoming obstacles: What stops brilliance?

14. Brilliant life lessons

15. Brilliance uncovered

How to be Brilliant exercise checklist

Appendix: Michael Heppell Ltd company values

Thank you to...


Author biography
Michael Heppell is the bestselling author of Flip It; Brilliant Life; Five Star Service and How to Save an Hour Every Day. As a professional speaker and personal life coach he works with leading companies, individuals and organisations across the UK and globally.
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