Introduction to Audiology: Global Edition eBook (12e) : 9781292070643

Introduction to Audiology: Global Edition eBook (12e)

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About the book


For courses in Introductory Audiology

A comprehensive introduction to hearing and balance disorders.

This comprehensive, well-organized introduction to hearing and balance disorders gives students a number of vital tools to help them better understand, retain, and analyze the material. The book continues to update the material to keep content current with recent research, while retaining and improving a user-friendly approach to the topics and an abundance of how-to information, which shows the rewarding, fascinating aspects of a career in audiology.

Table of contents
Part I Elements of Audiology

Chapter 1 The Profession of Audiology

Chapter 2 The Human Ear and Simple Tests of Hearing

Chapter 3 Sound and Its Measurement

Part II Hearing Assessment

Chapter 4 Pure-Tone Audiometry

Chapter 5 Speech Audiometry

Chapter 6 Masking

Chapter 7 Physiological Tests of the Auditory System

Chapter 8 Pediatric Audiology

Part III Hearing Disorders

Chapter 9 The Outer Ear

Chapter 10 The Middle Ear

Chapter 11 The Inner Ear

Chapter 12 The Auditory Nerve and Central Auditory Pathways

Chapter 13 Nonorganic Hearing Loss

Part IV Management of Hearing Loss

Chapter 14 Amplification/Sensory Systems

Chapter 15 Audiological Treatment
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