The Cover Letter Book: How to write a winning cover letter that really gets noticed (3e) : 9781292086392

The Cover Letter Book: How to write a winning cover letter that really gets noticed (3e)

Innes James
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Pearson United Kingdom
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In a competitive job market, first impressions are vital. To get an interview you’re going to have to stand out and a well-executed cover letter is vital to ensure that you do not fall at the first hurdle.


This book takes you through all the essential rules and high impact strategies to ensure your cover letter makes you stand out from the crowd. It takes a detailed look at the fifteen most common cover letter mistakes to ensure you do not make the errors that the competition will be, and covers everysituation from email and fax to speculative letters, career-development letters and advert-response letters.

Table of contents

About the author 


How to use this book 


Part 1 Laying the foundations 

    1.    Why are cover letters so important? 

    2.    Getting the basics right 


Part 2 Job-hunting letters 

    3.    Speculative letters: your foot in the door 

    4.    Advert-response letters: a winning strategy 


Part 3 Specialist cover letters 

    5.    Letters of application for specialist sectors 


Part 4 The 15 most common cover letter mistakes 

    6.    How to avoid them! 


Part 5 Other job search letters 

    7.    Application follow-up letters 

    8.    Interview thank-you letters 

    9.    Negotiating an offer 

  10.    Requesting a reference 

  11.    Resignation letters 

  12.    Offer acceptance letters 

  13.    Rejecting an offer 

  14.    Accepting rejection

Part 6 Pay rise request letters 

  15.    Requesting a pay rise 


Part 7 Promotion request letters 

  16.    Requesting a promotion 


Part 8 CVs and interviews 

  17.    CVs 

  18.    Interviews 


Part 9 My five top tips to make your cover letter stand out 

  19.    How to make your cover letter stand out! 

  20.    Checklist


Further reading and resources 

Appendix A: 250 action verbs 

Appendix B: 50 positive adjectives 

Appendix C: 222 commonly misspelled words 




Author biography

James Innes is the Managing Director of The CV Centre, the UK’s leading CV consultancy. James founded The CV Centre in 1998 and has built the company to its current position as UK market leaders in the field of CV consultancy. James regularly delivers presentations to recent graduates and also contributes widely to newspapers and magazines in both the UK and France and is  the author of The Interview Book, The CV Book, The Cover Letters Book and The Interview Question and Answer Book