How To Be Brilliant At Public Speaking VitalSource eText: Learn the six qualities of an inspiring speaker - step by step (2e) : 9781292087993

How To Be Brilliant At Public Speaking VitalSource eText: Learn the six qualities of an inspiring speaker - step by step (2e)

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About the book

Speaking in public can be fun – honestly!

Whatever the occasion, whatever the content, whatever the situation, this book will teach you everything you need to know to plan, prepare and deliver any speech or presentation and will give you the skills to deliver it with style, wit, charm and confidence.

Discover expert tips, tricks, tools and techniques that will help you build on skills and abilities you already have so you can stand up in front of any audience and really wow them.

Whether you’re looking for help in overcoming your fears and building your confidence, or whether you’re already quite good and want to polish your performance, this book will help you.

Anyone can learn to speak in public. This book will show you how even you can do it brilliantly. 

Table of contents
About the author


The six qualities of an inspiring speaker

1 It starts with authenticity 

Part 1 Awareness

Choose to avoid falling down a hole in your public speaking performance.

2 The causes of fear 

3 Finding safety in the body 

4 Expression in the body and voice

Part 2 Empathy

Gain the respect of your audience by focusing on their needs.

5 Preparing with empathy 

6 Managing the crowd 

Part 3 Balance

Understand which content makes the most powerful talk

7 Compelling content – lessons from TED talks 

8 Structure and the hero’s journey

Part 4 Freshness

Public speaking your audience will remember forever

9 Wonderful words and vibrant visuals

10 Ingenious interactivity 

Part 5 Fearlessnes

Stepping boldly beyond your comfort zone to make your speaking sizzle

11 Going beyond fear 

Part 6 Authenticity

Returning to the core of you that’s naturally inspiring

12 It ends with authenticity 

The road ahead

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Author biography
Sarah Lloyd-Hughes is founder of Ginger Training & Coaching and is an experienced, energetic and empowering speaker, coach and writer working with individuals to support them in reaching their potential. She has taught thousands of people of all ages across three continents from professionals in India to young people in inner city London. Sarah’s workshops are bursting with fun, practical and extremely powerful ways to improve your public speaking and she currently works with professionals wishing to become key people of influence in their field, supporting them to become passionate, authentic and inspiring speakers.
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