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How to be a Brilliant Mentor

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Based on proven practical methodologies, this highly practical book will show you how to develop, nurture and guide the talents and skills of other people .

Everyone has the potential to be a brilliant mentor.

Mentoring is fast-becoming the must-have leadership skill that helps you get the best out of your staff, and Brilliant Mentoring shows how you can have it too. Based on methods specifically developed and proven in business, you’ll discover what it takes to be a mentor, how to use the individual and collective mentoring methods and how to apply these to common scenarios.

With Brilliant Mentoring you’ll unlock your own unique mentoring ability and reap the rewards in no time at all!


  • Feel confident in your ability to be a great mentor
  • Choose the best mentoring strategy for you and your team
  • Put core mentoring skills into action
  • Increase performance in your workplace
Table of contents
Part 1: The What & Why of Mentoring

What is mentoring?
What is the difference between coaching, mentoring and sponsoring?
How will mentoring benefit you and your team?
4. Individual or group mentoring – what is best for your team?

Part 2: The How of Mentoring

5. What makes an effective mentor: success factors, attitudes and communication

6. What’s your style?: the essential mentor; the manager-mentor; the leader-mentor; the all inspiring-mentor

7. Practical mentoring skills and techniques

8. The step-by-step mentoring programme:

· Establishing & maintaining a good mentoring relationship

· Setting & monitoring effective mentoring objectives

· Successful mentoring meetings

· Giving efficient & effective feedback

· Ending the programme

Part 3: Be a successful mentor and manager

Factors influencing success or failure in the mentoring process
Pitfalls to avoid, checklists and recommendations
Being both a mentor and a manager: how to switch from one to another
Use mentoring to increase commitment & motivation in your team
13. Improving your own leadership and interactive skills through mentoring

Cross-mentoring & e-mentoring: exciting new ways of working
Author biography
Gisele Szczyglak is the founder and the president of WLC Partners, a specialist coaching & mentoring consultancy based in Paris & London. She is passionate about developing and implementing strategies for harnessing and using collective intelligence within companies and organisations through mentoring & coaching programmes. A fundamental part of this approach to give people practical tools, high qualitative feedback (to help them to develop their own talents), and an ability to think outside of the box.
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