Hughes Electrical and Electronic Technology VitalSource eText (12e) : 9781292093086

Hughes Electrical and Electronic Technology VitalSource eText (12e)

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Pearson United Kingdom
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About the book

All engineers need to understand the fundamental principles of electrical and electronic technology. This best-selling text provides a clear and accessible introduction to the area, with balanced coverage of electrical, electronic, and power engineering.

Table of contents
Section 1 Electrical Principles 1
1 International System of Measurement 3

2 Introduction to Electrical Systems 12

3 Simple DC Circuits 30

4 Network Theorems 61

5 Capacitance and Capacitors 96

6 Electromagnetism 136

7 Simple Magnetic Circuits 151

8 Inductance in a DC Circuit 166

9 Alternating Voltage and Current 201

10 Single-phase Series Circuits 226

11 Single-phase Parallel Networks 247

12 Complex Notation 263

13 Power in AC Circuits 285

14 Resonance in AC Circuits 302

15 Network Theorems Applied to AC Networks 325

Section 2 Electronic Engineering 353
16 Electronic Systems 355

17 Passive Filters 362

18 Amplifier Equivalent Networks 399

19 Semiconductor Materials 419

20 Rectifiers and Amplifier Circuits 431

21 Interfacing Digital and Analogue Systems 498

22 Digital Numbers 516

23 Digital Systems 531

24 Signals 569

25 Data Transmission and Signals 588

26 Communications 600

27 Fibreoptics 613

Section 3 Power Engineering 623
28 Multiphase Systems 625

29 Transformers 646

30 Introduction to Machine Theory 680

31 AC Synchronous Machine Windings 702

32 Characteristics of AC Synchronous Machines 715

33 Induction Motors 726

34 Electrical Energy Systems 757

35 Power Systems 806

36 Direct-current Machines 840

37 Direct-current Motors 854

38 Control System Motors 871

39 Motor Selection and Efficiency 880

40 Power Electronics 899

Section 4 Measurements, Sensing and Actuation 917
41 Control Systems, Sensors and Actuators 919

42 Electronic Measuring Instruments and Devices 935
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