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Educational Psychology, Global Edition VitalSource eText (13e)

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About the book

The most current, comprehensive view of educational psychology today

The Thirteenth Edition of Educational Psychology continues to emphasize the educational implications and applications of research on child development, cognitive science, learning, motivation, teaching, and assessment. Theory and practice are considered together, showing how information and ideas drawn from educational psychology research can be applied to solve the everyday problems of teaching. The text reflects the field as it offers unique and crucial knowledge to any who dare to teach, and to all who love to learn.

Table of contents
Brief Table of Contents

1. Learning, Teaching, and Educational Psychology 

Part I


2. Cognitive Development 

3. The Self, Social, and Moral Development 

4. Learner Differences and Learning Needs 

5. Language Development, Language Diversity, and Immigrant Education 

6. Culture and Diversity 

Part II

Learning and Motivation

7. Behavioral Views of Learning 

8. Cognitive Views of Learning 

9. Complex Cognitive Processes 

10. The Learning Sciences and Constructivism 

11. Social Cognitive Views of Learning and Motivation 

12. Motivation in Learning and Teaching 

Part III

Teaching and Assessing

13. Creating Learning Environments 

14. Teaching Every Student 

15. Classroom Assessment, Grading, and Standardized Testing
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