Pearson Baccalaureate: History The Move to Global War: Print and eText bundle for the IB Diploma : 9781292102597

Pearson Baccalaureate: History The Move to Global War: Print and eText bundle for the IB Diploma

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This brand new title has written by leading IB practitioners to specifically match one of the new International Baccalaureate 2015 History Paper One prescribed subjects. This book comprehensively covers prescribed topic 3, including a focus on comparison between regions and the wider context surrounding the topic. It will equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to answer document-based questions on Paper One, as well as covering crossover areas with Papers Two and Three. The book is also accompanied by an enhanced eText containing further worksheets, quizzes to test knowledge and examination skills, and enlarged source material.

This book includes:

  • a clear overview and analysis of key events
  • practice in analysing source material, including photographs, cartoons, letters, speeches, and other documents
  • support throughout for new curriculum features, including key concepts and international mindedness
  • approaches to learning highlighted in each activity throughout the book
  • focus on the examination requirements, with ‘hints for success’ throughout, as well as quizzes on the eBook
  • support with tackling essay-writing, including essay frames
  • a dedicated Theory of Knowledge chapter, and questions throughout to help with wider research and discussion.

This print/eText bundle includes four years' prepaid access to an online eText. The printed text includes your unique access code and instructions on how to activate this digital resource

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