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Exploring Public Relations (4e)

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This text is the definitive academic guide on public relations and one of the only texts on the market to take this particular approach to the field. It offers critical analysis of the subject, blended with theory and real-life application, making use of a number of pedagogical features including case studies, exercises and discussion questions for a unique approach to the subject.
Table of contents
1 Public relations origins: definitions and history

2 Public relations and media

3 Digital and social media

4 Public relations and democracy

5 Community and society: corporate social responsibility (CSR)

6 International and multicultural context of public relations

7 Role of the public relations practitioner

8 Public relations theories: an overview

9 Strategic public relations planning and management

10 Public relations programme research and evaluation

11 Corporate image, reputation and identity

12 Public relations, propaganda and the psychology of persuasion

13 Public relations' professionalism and ethics

14 Media relations

15 Internal communication

16 Managing community involvement programmes

17 Issues management

18 Crisis public relations management

19 Public relations and the consumer

20 Business-to-business public relations

21 Public affairs

22 PR in the world of finance

23 Integrated marketing communications

24 Sponsorship and public relations

25 Corporate communication

26 Non-government organistions and pressure groups

27 Celebrity public relations

28 Strategic communication and social marketing in healthcare

29 What next? Future issues for public relations
Features & benefits
  • Coverage of fashion, beauty and sports public relations
  • Societal changes and impact on public relations - for example, how Generation Y interacts with PR
Author biography

Ralph Tench is Professor of Communications Education at Leeds Beckett University

Liz Yeomans is Principal Lecturer in Public Relations and Communications at Leeds Beckett University.