An Introduction to Human Geography VitalSource eText (5e) : 9781292129396

An Introduction to Human Geography VitalSource eText (5e)

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About the book

The fifth edition of this widely used text provides a global overview of the major topics within human geography, including food security and population, geopolitics and territory, inequality and power, production, consumption, the global financial system, governance and now a new chapter on citizenship. Substantial and comprehensively updated chapters ensure balanced treatment across the range of contemporary human geography.

Table of contents



Geography: finding your way in the world

Section 1

Worlds in the past: changing scales of experience and past worlds in the present

1 Pre-capitalist worlds

2 The rise and spread of capitalism

3 The making of the twentieth- and twentyfirst-century world

Section 2 Population, resources, food, the environment and development

4 Demographic transformations

5 Resources, energy and development

6 The environment and environmentalism

7 Food security

8 Worlds apart? The changing geographies of global development

Section 3 Society, settlement and culture

9 Cities: urban worlds

10 Urban segregation and social inequality

11 Changing rural worlds – a global view

12 Social constructions of nature 2

13 Geography, culture and global change

Section 4 Production, exchange and consumption

14 Geographies of the economy

15 Geographies of food production

16 The geographies of global production networks

17 Service economies, spatial divisions of expertise and the second global shift

18 Geographies of money, finance and crisis

19 Consumption and its geographies

Section 5 Political geographies: geopolitics, territory, states, citizenship and governance

20 Geopolitical traditions

21 Territory, space and society

22 The place of the nation-state

23 The geographies of citizenship

24 Global governance



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