Key Coaching Models: The 70+ Models Every Manager and Coach Needs to Know VitalSource eText : 9781292151922

Key Coaching Models: The 70+ Models Every Manager and Coach Needs to Know VitalSource eText

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About the book


All managers and leaders are now expected to use coaching techniques to get the most out of their people. With 72 proven, easy to use coaching models to enhance performance, job satisfaction and motivation, they will be effective for individuals, teams and organisations. Each model is explained and illustrated, as it would be in a coaching session, to give a genuine coaching perspective and context beyond the theory.

“A simple, yet sophisticated, coaching toolkit that cuts through coaching theory to give practical advice to coaches, leaders and managers. In today’s complex world, coaching is a key activity essential for business and personal success – whether you are new to coaching or wish to extend your skills, this book is a gift.” Liz Jewer, HR Director, TMP UK Limited

Table of contents
Part 1: Developing the Management Core

1. Emotional Management (Emotional Awareness)

- The EI Model

- Feel – Think – React

- Men v Women

2. Individual Management (Accurate Assessment)

- Happiness

- The 3 Legs of the Stool

- The Wheel of Life

3. Confidence Management (Confidence)

- Confidence v Self-Confidence

- The 5 Key Differentiators

- Optimal Appraisal (20-30-50)

Part 2: Developing the Leadership Core

4. Emotional Leadership (Control of Emotions)

- 5 Steps to Manage Emotions

- S.A.R.A.

- The Spectrum of Fear

5. Authentic Leadership (Trustworthiness)

- Intelligent Trust

- Identity Decisions

- Future Self Identity

6. Consistent Leadership (Conscientiousness)

- The Habits Model

- Strategic Measures

- The Admiration Model

7. Flexible Leadership (Adaptability)

- Negotiables / Non-Negotiables

- Result v Process

- Avoiding De-Selection

Part 3: Results Driven Coaching

8. Goal Setting (Achievement)

- The G.R.O.W. Model

- Goal Setting Questions

- The ART in SMART

9. Creative Leadership (Initiative)

- Egg-Timer Model

- Conditions for Success

- Task v Test

10. Driving Results (Commitment)

- Agreement v Commitment

- Responsible v Accountable

- The Motivation to Move

11. Inspirational Leadership (Innovation)

- End in Mind Thinking

- Paradigm Questions

- New Habits Impact Model

12. Solution Focus (Optimism & Resilience)

- Affirmations

- Gestalt

- Cupcakes

Part 4: Coaching for Greater Influence

13. Creating Powerful Connections (Empathy)

- The Common Ground

- Emotional Contracts

- Connect 2 Understand

14. Establishing Dynamics (Situational Awareness)

- Coach16

- The Power of “Why?”

- Dynamic Leadership

15. Driving Motivation (Service Orientation)

- Sense of Service

- The Power of Your Question

- Your Core Success Question

16. Achieving High Performance (Leveraging Diversity)

- The Client Box

- Interdependence

- Rhino v Cattle

Part 5: Leadership Coaching

17. Influential Leadership (Influence)

- Creating Value Model

- The What, Why & How?

- Power v Influence

18. Strategic Leadership (Vision)

- Leader – Manager – Operator

- The Momentum Model

- The Spiral of Ambiguity

19. Leadership Development (Succession)

- The Development Continuum

- The Executive Coaching Model

- The Accelerated Learning Model

20. Compelling Leadership (Communication)

- Formal v Informal

- The Power of The Story

- Context – Consideration – Conclusion

Part 6: High Performance Coaching

21. Managing Issues (Conflict Management)

- The Conflict Options Model

- Constructive Criticism

- The 3 Boxes

22. Value Creation (Building Bonds & Connections)

- The Value of Asking Questions

- Questions to be Impressed

- Satisfaction & Loyalty

23. Managing High Performance Teams (Teamwork & Collaboration)

- Conditions for Collaboration

- Optimal “72”

- Directive & Consultative

24. Leading through Change (Developing Change Catalysts)

- Overcoming Resistance to Change

- The 80-16-04 of Change

- Ceiling – Floor – Furniture
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