Managing Change eBook (7e) : 9781292156071

Managing Change eBook (7e)

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Pearson United Kingdom
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About the book

The aim of this leading textbook is to provide a thorough understanding of the theories, approaches and practice of organisational change. It critically examines the approaches to change that are on offer, indicates their usefulness and drawbacks and sets them within the broad context of organisational life through the use of real-life examples.

Table of contents
Part 1 - Introduction to change management: fundamental questions for organisations

Chapter 1: Introduction to change management

Part 2 - The rise and fall of the rational organisation

Chapter 2: From trial and error to the science of management

Chapter 3: Developments in organisation theory

Chapter 4: The Culture-Excellence paradigm

Chapter 5: Alternative paradigms

Chapter 6: Critical perspectives on organisation theory

Chapter 7: Culture, power, politics and choice

Part 3 - Understanding change

Chapter 8: Approaches to strategy

Chapter 9: Planned change and Organization Development (OD)

Chapter 10: Developments in change management

Chapter 11: A framework for change

Part 4 - Managing choice

Chapter 12: Organisational change and managerial choice

Chapter 13: Organisational change and managerial choice

Chapter 14: Management, leadership and change



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