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Constitutional and Administrative Law eBook (17e)

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About the book: First published in the 1930s, Bradley, Ewing and Knight is one of the UK’s best known law textbooks of all time. Written by a team of senior academics and a leading public law practitioner, the book is the definitive guide to all aspects of the constitution, and has been cited by courts across the world, including the UK’s Supreme Court.

At its heart however, the book remains a student textbook with one fundamental aim; to provide all law students with a readable and comprehensive grounding in Public Law suitable for use on both first year modules, and more advanced courses.

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Table of contents
  • PART I Sources, structure and principles
  • 1 Constitutional law – its meaning and sources
  • 2 The structure of the United Kingdom
  • 3 Parliamentary supremacy
  • 4 The rule of law
  • 5 Responsible and accountable government
  • 6 United Kingdom and the European Union
  • PART II The institutions of government
  • 7 Composition of Parliament
  • 8 Role of Parliament
  • 9 Privileges of Parliament
  • 10 The Crown and royal prerogative
  • 11 Cabinet, government departments and civil service
  • 12 Public bodies and public appointments
  • 13 Courts and the administration of justice
  • PART III Personal liberty and human rights
  • 14 Human Rights Act
  • 15 Right to liberty and police powers
  • 16 Right to privacy and surveillance powers
  • 17 Right to freedom of expression
  • 18 Freedom of association and assembly
  • 19 State security and official secrets
  • 20 Special and emergency powers
  • PART IV Administrative law
  • 21 What is administrative law?
  • 22 Delegated legislation
  • 23 Administrative justice
  • 24 Judicial review I: the grounds of review
  • 25 Judicial review II: procedure and remedies
  • 26 Liability of public authorities
  • Bibliography
  • Index
Features & benefits
  • Written by leading figures in the field, including senior academics and a leading practitioner at the public law bar, providing a unique perspective of public law principles both in theory and in practice.
  • Offers wide-ranging, comprehensive and detailed coverage of all aspects of the constitution which is unrivalled by any other textbook in the field but which is nevertheless eminently readable for undergraduate students.
  • Reflects the framework of contemporary constitutional and administrative or public law modules, covering the constitution as a whole in four discrete parts including; (i) the core principles of the constitution, (ii) the institutions of government, (iii) civil liberties and human rights; and (iv) judicial review and the legal accountability of government.
  • The organisation and structure of the book make it relevant for multiple modules, providing a grounding in all aspects of Public Law, from general year 1 courses to more advanced courses in later years on Civil Liberties and Administrative Law respectively.
  • Supports further independent study by extensive referencing which provide guidance for further reading to cases, parliamentary papers and academic articles.
  • Highlights key cases throughout via a range of extended summaries to ensure students are equipped with a detailed understanding of the essential cases that have influenced the UK’s constitution.
  • The book continues to evolve to take account of the major changes in what has become a very fast moving and ever growing subject. The changes to each edition are seamless, designed to reinforce the historical context and constitutional continuity of a system in a state of constant flux.
  • The authority and reliability of the book has been widely recognised judicially, having been cited by courts at almost every level in the United Kingdom (including the Supreme Court), as well as by courts in other jurisdictions, large and small, all over the world.
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